WhatsApp adds AI for the first time what it is for and when you will use it

whatsapp adds ai for the first time what it is for and when you will use it
whatsapp adds ai for the first time what it is for and when you will use it

At the end of September, Meta presented the ChatGPT rival that will soon arrive on WhatsApp. In that announcement, the company that owns the chat app declared that AI is being its main priority, so the appearance of this artificial intelligence button in a new update of the application is better understood.

Meta AI is the new conversational assistant that Meta announced so that it can be integrated into WhatsApp so that a text conversation can be established through the app. And this assistant, apart from being included in WhatsApp, will also come to Instagram, Messenger and the new Meta Quest 3 and the Ray-Ban Meta.

The use that will be given to the assistant with artificial intelligence will be for the creation of characters based on celebrities such as Snoop Dogg or Paris Hilton , and the ability to generate images by AI; By the way, since August of this year, AI can now be used to generate fun stickers.

Meta AI on WhatsApp

Today, through the Google Play beta program, WhatsApp has been updated to version which includes a shortcut or button for AI-focused chats from the main conversations list. That is, just above the new chat button is the artificial intelligence button; as can be seen in the image shared from WaBetaInfo.

The screenshot shows a new button located that when pressed quickly opens the chats with the AI, which makes the process very fast and thus separates these chats from conversations with friends, family and contacts. Chats based on artificial intelligence are already being tested by a specific group of users, although it is unknown when they will be deployed to the stable version of WhatsApp.

The objective of this button is, as mentioned, to differentiate normal chats from those based on AI and is another way to show the incorporation of artificial intelligence into the daily habits of millions of people when they use WhatsApp. One of its uses will be the generation of images by AI, but the possibilities are almost endless, as will be the case with celebrity AI or the new options that Meta will include soon.

This new AI button for WhatsApp, according to WaBetaInfo , is available to all those who are on version , although always with the condition that it is activated from the server side, so even having this version installed one can Stay out.

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