WhatsApp adds a sticker search engine and a new animated package in its beta for Android

WhatsApp adds a sticker search engine and a new animated package in its beta for Android

They were made to beg, but in the end WhatsApp included the possibility of adding stickers in a conversation in 2018. Over time, and the different tools to create stickers, it is inevitable that you will find it difficult to find an appropriate sticker for each situation. The latest WhatsApp beta helps you with a new sticker search engine.

The search for stickers is one of those functions that have been “coming” to WhatsApp for a long time. We saw it wandering (it appeared and disappeared) in 2018, and now it seems to be more polished, including categories of stickers in tabs. In addition, the latest beta also adds a new animated Baby Shark sticker (duru duru duru).

Search for stickers: now really

WhatsApp stickers have been with us for two years now, although the way to find them has not changed much. From the beginning, WhatsApp allows you to add some stickers to favorites, as well as separate them into a few categories: happy, sad, love and anger. What there was not was, until now, a seeker.

Or, at least, there was no official search engine, since the magnifying glass and the search function have been appearing and disappearing from WhatsApp for a couple of years now. In the latest beta, it seems that WhatsApp finally has its search engine ready, a little more polished than what we saw on previous occasions. The way of access is the same as always: with the magnifying glass icon.

Magnifying glass

The difference is that now tabs with categories are included, as in the implementation of stickers of other applications. As of today, the available categories are love, greeting, happy, sad, angry, and celebration. Of course, you can also type exactly what you are looking for if it is not one of those categories, such as “dog”, “cat” or “cry”. The results are quite relevant, at least with the official WhatsApp stickers.

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Baby Shark Animated Stickers


The latest beta of WhatsApp brings another novelty: a new package of official Baby Shark animated stickers. You can download it directly from WhatsApp, without having to go through Google Play, and it includes 16 animated stickers starring the aforementioned shark.

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