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What’s new on Twitter for professional business profiles

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A little over a year has passed since twitter started with professional profiles for companies, organizations and self-employed workers such as creatives and editors, and unlike the usual profiles, they can add additional information and capabilities through the use of specific modules depending on the type of professional profile used.

It doesn’t escape that in recent months, part of the efforts on professional profiles have been focused on new features focused on shopping, helping brands get more exposure that can increase their sales.

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In this regard, the most recent is the test that they have just started on Twitter to allow brands to offer previews of new products that they will launch on the market in a short time, offering facilities to potential interested customers to be notified at the time that the new products are already on sale.

Now Twitter wants to be even more equal to the information that businesses can have in their profiles on other social platforms with the launch of Location Spotlightcurrently arriving in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

Location Spotlight

With Location Spotlight, businesses based in these markets will now be able to add information about their physical locations on a small map, their business hours, and even other contact channels, directly into their own professional profiles.

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Twitter highlights Regarding the physical location, when it is shown on a small map in the profile, when pressed, the user will open the map application that is configured by default on the device, such as Google Maps, to do use of its tools that offer indications that help in the access according to the way in which you want to move.

The business hours are an optional field and will allow showing the days and times that the business itself has for users to visit its physical facilities, and about the other contact channels, one or more of the telephone calls can be used. , text messages, direct messages from Twitter, and even messages via email.

It is now a question of companies and commercial organizations in these markets enabling the new function to offer their clients this location data that helps to strengthen commercial ties, and awaiting its possible expansion to other markets.

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