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What’s new on Facebook Pages for content creators

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creators who spread their content through Facebook pages now have at their disposal new tools that make their tasks easier and, furthermore, enhance what they can be. discovered by other users in addition to reinforcing the connection with your audience.

The news is now available on Facebook Pages internationally

Facebook has added new possibilities for creators to offer content available only to subscribers and top followers by offering a new option (“Top fans”) from the Audience settings section that appears when publishing content and that allows you to segment who will be able to see that new content.

The purpose is that creators can publish certain content exclusively, only for those who belong to that select group of outstanding followers.

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Other innovations seek to promote relationships between content creators, being able to invite other content creators or invite their own audience to follow other content creatorswho will receive notifications asking if they want to follow that other recommended profile.

On the other hand, the new creators who have gained impact and notoriety among that elite of the 1% most visited profiles will receive a label that will indicate the audience gaincontributing to its notoriety, always following guidelines of originality and integrity in the content.

To make it easier for content creators to get maximum appreciation from their followers, Facebook has also put in place a number of new templates aimed at increasing the relationship of commitment with the followers.

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