What’s new in Microsoft OneDrive to share photos with family and friends

Microsoft OneDrive has undergone a transformation in recent times, going from being a simple secure file storage service in the cloud to also being a place where users can manage, share and relive moments through their photos.

In this sense, Microsoft OneDrive is once again reinforced in the photographic asset management segment with the launch of Photo Story, a new feature whereby users will have a feed private where to share and relive memories based on photos and videos shared with those who have been invitedfor whom it will suffice to have a Microsoft account.

All of them can set comments, make reactions, and receive notifications to stimulate interactions in the own feed. Obviously, how could it be otherwise, those who for some reason do not want some of their guests to continue accessing the feedthey will also have the ability to revoke invitations that have been sent to them.

A new way to relive moments privately with others

For now, this feature is in public preview for users in Australia, although the company already plans expansion to the United States and other international markets by the end of this yearas they point out in their statement.

In addition, users will find it in the OneDrive mobile application for Android and iOS as well as through the web version of this service for users of said market, who will be able to experience the new feature as long as they are under one of these plans: OneDrive Basic 5GB (free), OneDrive Standalone 100GB, Microsoft 365 Personal, and Microsoft 365 Family.

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They will only have to log in to OneDrive and press the “Shared” tab to create the first photo story, where in the case of accessing the service through a web browser, they will have said tab in the left navigation bar.

The company hopes to collect comments and opinions in order to improve this new feature before reaching its stable version.

It seems that Microsoft also wants to deal with Google Photos through its secure file storage service in the cloud by adding features related to the management of photographic assets, having recently celebrated the first anniversary of the arrival of photo editing tools. .

It will be interesting to know what the company may be preparing, although at the moment it only remains to wait for the arrival of more news over time.

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