What’s new in iOS 17 for Wallet and Apple Pay

apple pay como agregar y quitar tarjetas de iphone.jpg
apple pay como agregar y quitar tarjetas de iphone.jpg

Want to know what’s new in iOS 17 for Wallet and Apple Pay? Here we tell you everything. Apple has revealed exciting improvements coming to the Wallet and Apple Pay app with the next software update, iOS 17.

Although a major redesign was expected for the Wallet app, the changes made in iOS 17 are more modest.

However, these enhancements will surely improve the user experience and bring new functionality.

Wallet and Apple Pay: Improved order tracking

One of the main improvements in Apple Pay is order tracking. Now, users will be able to track their orders directly from the Wallet app.

Additionally, Apple Maps has been integrated with Apple Pay to provide a more seamless order tracking experience.

If an order with a specific pickup time and location has been tracked, the Maps app will automatically suggest the relevant information via Siri Suggestions.

This will make it easier for users to stay informed about their orders without having to constantly switch between apps.

Transaction receipts and email attachments

Another new feature is the ability to add an order to the Wallet app directly from an email attachment.

Merchants can now send order confirmations via email, and customers will be able to easily add those orders to the Wallet app by tapping on the attachment in the Mail app.

Additionally, merchants now have the option to attach PDF or image receipts to Apple Pay orders. This allows customers to have an easily accessible payment record in the Wallet app.

Wallet and Apple Pay: “Track with Apple Wallet” button

Apple has also introduced a new button called “Track with Apple Wallet“. Merchants can add this button to their iPhone apps and websites.

By clicking this button, users will be redirected to the Wallet app, where they can conveniently track their orders. This additional functionality gives users a more integrated and simplified experience.

Present ID with Tap to Present ID

One of the most exciting features coming to iOS 17 is the ability to present a driver’s license or ID stored in the Wallet app at participating businesses and venues.

This will be accomplished simply by holding the iPhone or Apple Watch close to the company device. This feature, known as Tap to Present ID, will allow users to quickly verify their age and identity for purposes like buying alcohol or renting a car.

Apple has promised to provide more details about this feature in its presentation video, so iOS 17 brings several improvements to the Wallet and Apple Pay app.

Although the complete redesign of the Wallet app has not come to fruition, improvements to order tracking, the ability to attach receipts, and the introduction of Tap to Present ID are exciting features that will enhance the user experience.

iPhone users will have a lot to look forward to when the update is released later this year.