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What’s new from Meta for parental control of teenagers on their social platforms

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Meta just submitted his new Family Center, a centralized space in which parents and guardians of adolescents will have the new parental supervision tools and various tutorials, in which they can rely on to be able to manage the tools and communicate with adolescents.

The new integrated parental supervision tools have been developed looking for their effectiveness and simplicity of use, being the result of the collaboration between experts, parents, tutors and adolescents.

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Within the new Family Center will include an education center for parents and guardians, where they will have videos, articles and useful tips on how to talk to teenagers about social networks, as well as video tutorials on how to use parental supervision tools.

And speaking of new parental monitoring tools, These are now available to Instagram users in the United States, with the promise of global rollout in the coming months.

In the coming months, new parental supervision tools for Virtual Reality will also arrive, which will be implemented in the Oculus Quest helmets, owned by Meta.

Regarding the possibilities that the new parental control tools that arrive today on Instagram will offer, Meta points to the visualization of the time that adolescents spend as well as the implementation of time limits, to be notified when the adolescent shares his complaint about another user, as well as being up to date on the updates of the accounts that the adolescents have in follow-up and those who follow them.

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Meta clarifies that teens will need to approve parental supervision if their parents or guardians request it.

For now, teens will start monitoring for now in the Instagram app for mobile devices, while the option for parents and guardians to start monitoring in the app and on the desktop will arrive in June.

Parental monitoring tools in virtual reality

With regard to parental supervision tools in VR, coming in the coming months, the existing unlock pattern on the Quest headset will be expanded in April to:

Parents (can) prevent teens 13 and older from accessing experiences they deem inappropriate for their age by using an unlock pattern to block access to those apps

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And in May:

We will start automatically blocking teens over the age of 13 from downloading apps classified as age inappropriate by IARC. We will also be launching a Parent Dashboard, which will house a suite of monitoring tools that will be linked to the teen’s account based on both parties’ consent.

More information: Instagram (Meta)

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