What will verification be like on Twitter after the purchase of Elon Musk?

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The price of the subscription to Twitter Blue, the premium option of the social networkhas been unexpectedly updated by Elon Musk after buying the company, going from the $18 that was initially rumored, to the $7.99 per month that would constitute the new price.

Only Twitter Blue users would have their accounts verified

The core of this decision has to do with the controversial reception of account identity verifications, which would only be possible for users of the paid version of the application, which had also increased its price, which is currently four dollars.

But this option would not be available immediately. Twitter’s product manager, Esther Crawford, has confirmed this. although it is recognized that some users can discover from this Sunday certain changes that are taking place in real time on Twitter’s premium platform.

In any case, it seems that Twitter is going to wait for the partial midterm elections that take place this Tuesday in the United States to begin offering its users the possibility of subscribing to the new premium modality of Twitter Blue, which would mean a slight delay compared to the initially proposed date that would have been held on Monday, November 7. Now the new Twitter Blue will arrive at the end of the month, as Elon Musk has pointed out.

The decision has been based on the forecast of ruling out potential service outages at such a delicate moment, the day immediately before the elections, in addition to avoiding the possibility that there were users who took advantage of the occasion to impersonate politicians and rulers. at such a critical moment as election day.

However Jen Easterly, director of CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, Agency for Cybersecurity and Security Infrastructures), has stated that this federal agency has not detected “credible or specific information on efforts aimed at compromising or affecting” the holding of election day but it has warned about the risks of disinformation campaigns from foreign actors.

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