What We Know About Lukas Walton, a Billionaire From the Walmart Family


When he was only 3 years old, Lukas was diagnosed with a rare kidney cancer that spread to his lungs.

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The Walton family.

Walton Family Foundation/YouTube

Source: Intelligencer

Within 5 months he had recovered, which his mother, Christy, attributed to a plant-based diet with produce sourced from her own garden.

Christy Walton


Source: Intelligencer

Following John’s premature death, Christy and Lukas moved to Jackson, Wyoming.

jackson hole

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Source: Intelligencer, Forbes

John left about one-sixth of his fortune to his wife, Christy, one-third to his only son, Lukas, and the remaining half to charitable trusts.

John Walton

John (right) is pictured here with his mother (center) and brother, Rob (left).

April L. Brown/Associated Press

Source: Bloomberg, Forbes

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