What to post on LinkedIn as a business?

linkedin hashtags
linkedin hashtags
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A LinkedIn company page is a tool that allows companies to show their day-to-day life and achievements, show their team and company policies to attract new talent, but also create a network of contacts and publish content to increase the community of followers.

The content of LinkedIn company pages should be focused on appealing to all followers, whether they are candidates for a job or shareholders of the company.

LinkedIn, like any social network, must be fed with content to attract new followers. To do this, we must find topics that are interesting and in which we are experts, create a content strategy and publish consistently. This can open the doors not only to the acquisition of new talent, but also to the creation of new business opportunities.

For those users who are not very clear about what to post on LinkedIn as a business, here are some ideas:

-Groups: LinkedIn Groups are one of the best ways to attract new followers and connections to a Company Page. In this sense, we can create a discussion group on a related to the company’s sector and of which we have a lot of experience or a lot of knowledge. It is convenient to take care of the content that is published in the groups, since it must be interesting, current and must add value. At the same time, whenever possible, it is necessary to participate in other groups with a similar theme, providing comments and valuable content to attract those users.

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– “Life in the company”: LinkedIn Pages have features designed to attract talent. This is because most of the followers of a company are users who would like to work for it. Create content that shows the day-to-day life of the human team, revealing how the relationships between colleagues, facilities and labor policies are (options for conciliation, labor flexibility or possibilities of teleworking).

-Social actions: Today, values ​​are one of the characteristics most appreciated by society. This is also reflected in companies. Many workers go beyond wages and hours and want to belong to a company that is involved in society. If our company collaborates in social aid actions, it is a great idea to show what we are doing to improve the world.

-Products: Followers of a LinkedIn Company Page include not only workers and applicants. We can also find related companies, for example distributors. These followers will enjoy content aimed at showing our products, as well as the development of the product range and also how the supply chain is being managed or the internationalization of these products.

-Corporate content: Similarly, among the followers of a LinkedIn page we can also find shareholders or partners. For these, it is convenient to publish more corporate profile content that shows the growth of the company, the opening of new branches, the development of new products or market, as well as possible increases in the value of shares or dividends. .