What to do with your old cell phone: the plan where they could pay you to recycle the phones you don’t use



The European Commission has recommended that Spain and other countries encourage the recycling of smartphones and more used electronics.


Many electronic devices, such as cell phones or headphones, are usually replaced by a new model every few years, which causes the creation of what is known as electronic waste. The European Commission has proposed some recommendations for Spain and the rest of the member states to improve their recycling figures for used or discarded electronic devices.

There are two ways to do it, which are recycle these types of devices, or reuse them. Android phones have many possibilities in the latter, since they can be used as a home security camera, a remote control for the television or even to control home automation.

Among the incentives proposed by the European organization some of economic purpose are includedwith which users would be compensated for recycling and handing over their electronic devices, whether they are in a condition to be reused or not, since both cases are provided for in the document.

Return, repair or recycle

It is estimated that in the territory of the European Union there is something more than 700 million mobile phones that are no longer used and that users accumulate in their homes. If you do not want to reuse them, the most environmentally responsible thing to do is to give them to someone else who can use them or recycle them in the correct way. Now, efforts are being made to make this process simpler, and to encourage it.

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To begin with, the European Commission has recommended increasing the possibilities in the use of the postal service, so that users have facilities to return electronic devicess, for example, offering envelopes or labels to make the process easier. These devices would be sent to an evaluation and recycling point. In case the mobile phone has broken, the EU is also promoting brands to make it easier to repair devices at home.

Mobile phone repair

They are also proposed economic incentives for the return of cell phones, tablets and laptops, among other electronic devices. As the document clarifies, these incentives would be directed at small non-functional electronic products, which have already become waste; as well as devices that are still suitable for resale, reuse, repair or renewal. In this way, users could get a small sum of money for their devices. Logically, it would be something testimonial, simply to make the trip worthwhile.

Another point recommended by the European Commission is to make tools available to users that allow them to calculate the value of their devices to know how much other users or the return systems themselves could buy them for. In addition, it is established that the criteria for calculating the value must be transparent and based on the condition and model of the device, so that a fairly accurate estimate can be known before carrying or shipping the device.

What to do with unused electronics

These proposals may or may not translate into notable changes. Currently, if there is a cell phone or other electronic device at home that is not used and that you do not want to keep, it should be taken to the nearest recycling point. Here it will be sorted and sent to a center where it can be recycled correctly. It is possible to see all the clean points in each city from the search engine on the OCU website.

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On the other hand, selling second-hand is also a great method to give a second chance to electronic devices that are no longer used. This way another person will be able to take advantage of it and the owner can recover some of the money that he initially invested in his purchase.

An old cell phone can be ideal for monitoring the home

However, if it is a device that you want to keep to continue using it, it is best to try to take care of it as much as possible. After all, if it is a device that is a few years old, its performance will not be the same as when it was new, and keeping it in good condition can make it last longer.

In the case of devices such as cell phones or tablets, the good news is that it is possible to reuse them in many ways after having replaced them with a new one. The mobile can function as a security camera, music player, multimedia device for being at home or it can even function as a home automation remote for anyone in the home to use. Tablets, for their part, can be the ideal device to give children to read, a digital photo frame or can even be converted into a digital assistant with a screen by placing it on a charging stand, in true Pixel style. Tab.

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