What to do to stop Google Discover from showing news that doesn’t interest you


To have easy access to Google news on your Android mobile, it is only necessary to slide your finger to the left page on the main screen Of the device.

Yes, there is a lot of interesting and valuable information that can be found in this section, however Google is not always able to show those contents that really call our attention.

For everyone’s luck, It is possible to configure the Google algorithm so that those news that do turn out to be of interest to us are sent, whether they are topics related to politics, finance, sports, movies, entertainment, among many other categories.

Now, there are a few things that can be done so that Google Discover stops showing that news that does not interest us, so that it also begins to show all the information that is important to everyoneSo let’s go for it.

Report those topics that are not of interest to you

As is done in almost any other corner of the internet, if an ad or news item appears on your screen but it does not match your interests, what you should do is tell Google that the subject in question is not interesting to you and you just don’t want to see any more of that news.

For this, you must first locate the news in question within Google Discover, and then click on the three dots shown in the lower right corner of this. There, it will only be necessary to click on the button I’m not interested in thisand ready.

Define what your interests are

Another of the main options that there is, is the manage all the news that you have marked, both the good ones that were interesting to you, and the less attractive ones that did not attract your attention. This is done in a very simple way through the same Google tool that is there so that everyone can maintain their order

To configure this, it will be necessary to click on the three points in the lower right corner and then click on the tab Manage your interests. Once inside, you can enter the lists of those “good and bad” content and there define correctly what type of content you want to see and what not.

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