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What to do on the Internet when you change your address

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A move is an unfriendly process to carry out for many, for all that it involves moving things from one place to another, especially when packing them and ensuring that they travel as safely as possible so that they do not suffer any damage.

But not everything ends there, since in addition to moving your belongings to the new address you have to make changes in terms of procedures, that is, notify all public administrations that you reside in a new place.

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In that sense, the DGT, the Social Security, the INSS and the Tax Agency These are some of the entities that have stored your postal address in their database, which is necessary in case they have to send you a document to your home.

Therefore, it is necessary that you let each of these entities know that you have changed your mailing address.

In general, these changes can be done through the internet, as long as you have digital certificate or [email protected] PIN.

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However, the procedure can become tedious as you have to enter each website to carry out this action.

Added to this is the fact that, even if you register, the town halls do not comply with the task of informing the rest of the administrations about your change of address.

That is why the Central Administration has made a service available to users within the Sarah Networkwhich allows you to carry out this procedure for all these entities in the same attempt.

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Even so, you should know that there are times when this service does not work correctly, so you must be very lucky to access it on a day where good energies conspire in your favor and the website allows you to carry out this procedure without much problem. .

Steps to make the change of address once in all administrations

Taking into account that the address you will provide will be the one corresponding to your current register You must be previously registered at your new address. Once this is done, do the following:

  • Enter the RED sara website.
  • Once inside you will be able to see two sections of which you must press the one that says Access the application.
  • Next, enter your permanent key, digital certificate or PIN.
  • After having accessed the NETWORK interface, the next thing you should do is enter the new municipality of residence.
  • After this, select the organizations to which you want to communicate your new change of address. It is advised that you mark them allwith the exception of those that are outside your autonomy.
  • Once done press the button Continue so that you are taken to another screen where you can see your personal data.
  • There you will have to enter the data corresponding to your email address and phone number.
  • Enter your new address again at the bottom of the window to confirm it.
  • Finally, click on Apply for so that your new address is sent to all the administrations that you have previously selected.
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