What to do if my Facebook account is suspended

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The Facebook social network It has more than 2,950 million active accounts per month, which are those that connect at least once in the last 30 days. The company is interested in having as many active accounts as possible, but sometimes it may happen that the user finds their Facebook account suspended due to some type of violation of the social network’s use policies.

Suspended social media accounts can lead to loss of followers and money

If fraudulent use is detected, the account may be disabled. Sometimes this happens by mistake, but many others due to ignorance. That is why the first step is to know the reasons why Facebook can detect behavior that breaks the rules of use. The most common cases and how to avoid them are the following:

Why does Facebook disable an account?

The main complication detected by Facebook is related to the account access. In the regulations of use, the social network prevents a user from having more than one account.

-Multiple accounts: If the user registers and enters from multiple Facebook accounts, using different phone numbers or email accounts, the social network can suspend the accounts. Facebook can deactivate accounts based on an analysis of the IP address. It is a somewhat annoying situation, since a suspended account for a community manager that works with different users could generate serious inconveniences.

-Joint accounts: If the same Facebook account is used by different people, there are probably login history complications. Different geolocations, different devices and different usage behaviors that can also lead to a suspended account.

-Two-factor authentication: The two-step authentication security process provides extra care for Facebook accounts. Without this extra measure, the risk of hacking is higher. If attempts to enter a Facebook account without two-step authentication, from a different geolocation, are detected, the social network can suspend access to the user’s account for security reasons.

-Inappropriate behavior and suspended Facebook account. The most common suspended Facebook account is due to improper behavior on the social network. Whether it’s posts with insults or hate speech, comments on third-party posts, or the use of spam techniques. Accounts are also suspended when they are considered false based on their behavior and the way they interact.

How to prevent Facebook from suspending an account

Some safe practices that the user can implement to avoid the suspension of accounts are:

-Label carefully and avoid anonymity. Posts must reflect that the user exists.

-Do not share plagiarized content.

-Do not share the account with another user.

-Avoid erratic or unusual behavior with the account.

-Comment and like moderately, especially with a new account.

If Facebook has suspended your account, what you can do is contact Facebook as we explained in this article.

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