What steps you must follow to change the language in Disney +

What steps you must follow to change the language in Disney +
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Disney + arrived in Spain in March 2020 and has a catalog with the best classic movies, all new and original content from Star Wars and Marvel series. Although it is available in Spanish with the entire catalog in our language, you can change the language of Disney Plus if you need it, both the interface in the browser and the applications for iOS and Android as well as the movies and series.

We explain how to change the language in Disney Plus and bet on any of the available ones, both if you want to learn English or if you simply prefer to watch series in original version with subtitles instead of seeing them dubbed into your language.

Languages ​​in the interface

The interface of Disney + is available, for now, in several languages ​​and you can choose the one you want when enter the mobile and tablet application or from the profile of each of the users through the Disney Plus website in the browser. Available languages, At the moment, they are: German, United Kingdom English, United States English, Spanish, Latin American Spanish, French, Canadian French, Italian and Dutch. You can switch from one to another whenever you want.

You can change the language of Disney + independently in each of the profiles you have created. You can create Disney Plus profiles for all users, with a maximum of seven users per account. And each of them can have the streaming service interface in the language they want or need.

Change on the computer

To change it in the browser, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Disney Plus website
  • Sign in with your email and password
  • All profiles will appear available under the question: Who are you?
  • Go to the upper right corner of the screen
  • Click the "Edit profiles" button
  • Choose the profile you want to edit to change the language in Disney Plus
  • The profile options will appear:
    • Name
    • Avatar
    • Autoplay yes or no
    • Background video yes or no
    • Language
  • Choose language, click on the arrow and choose the one you want from the dropdown
  • Click on “Save” to confirm the process

Change language in Disney Plus

Change on mobile or tablet

You will only change the interface language in that profile and the others will continue in the language they were in. You can follow the previous steps to change it in all the profiles you have in Disney Plus. You can do it from the browser or from the mobile phone or tablet, following similar steps:

  • Open the application on your mobile or tablet
  • Press in the lower right corner of the application
  • All registered profiles will appear
  • In the upper right corner, click on "Edit profiles"
  • Choose the one you want to edit to change the language
  • The same options will appear as before:
    • Avatar or profile picture
    • Profile name
    • Autoplay
    • Language
  • Choose language by clicking on the option
  • It will open a new menu with all available languages
  • Confirm with the "Save" button in the upper right corner

So you can change the language of the interface of Disney Plus. What you will change are the titles of the movies and series, for example, which will appear in the language you have chosen. It will also change the settings options or menus at the top, the categories of the different sections of series and films, etc. But you will not change if what you want is to change the language of a series in question, there are other steps.


Change language of a series or movie

To change the language of Disney Plus in a movie you are going to watch or a series or documentary, you will have to do it on the content itself and not in the app settings. You can choose from a large number of languages, although it will depend on the content in question and the translations that are available.

  • Go to Disney Plus
  • Choose the series, movie, documentary or short you want to see
  • Start playing the content on your computer or mobile
  • Go to the upper right corner in the browser (it will also appear in the same place if you are viewing it from the mobile app)
  • Click on the square icon that you will find here
  • You'll see Audio / Subtitle options
  • Choose the language you want from all available
  • Replay the movie where it was going
  • Automatically the language of Disney Plus will change in that content

Change the language of Disney Plus - Audio

In general, the language will be changed in all the movies or series you watch from that moment on and the one you have chosen will automatically appear. But you can follow the previous steps to return to your original language or to another one whenever you want.