What personal information does WhatsApp know about you?

1651857633 465 reacciones de whatsapp.jpeg
1651857633 465 reacciones de whatsapp.jpeg

WhatsApp has end-to-end encryption of messages, which means that no one can access their content. The message is encrypted on the phone of the person who writes it, and a password is sent to the mobile of the person who receives it, so only he can decrypt and open it.

WhatsApp could access the content of a message if someone reports it

This means that not even WhatsApp workers themselves have access to the content of your messages. But that the chats are completely private, however, does not mean that WhatsApp does not have access to other personal information about you.

There is data that is not protected by that privacy with end-to-end encryption. For example, if someone reports content on WhatsApp, the developers of the application there do have the possibility of accessing the information contained in the message. It is a way to check if that text is violating the WhatsApp rules or even if it is content that could be the subject of a crime.

If it were a message that does not comply with the WhatsApp Usage Rules, it would be deleted, and the user could also receive a warning or even see their WhatsApp account closed.

Then there is much other information that WhatsApp does have free access to. For example, the user’s profile picture, their profile name, group names, group descriptions, their status…

All this information is publicly visible, by any WhatsApp user, and therefore, it is also content that the company or any of its employees could have access to. However, don’t worry too much, because you won’t be using it for any purpose. In fact, what WhatsApp does is, through its robots, verify that these contents also comply with the Platform’s Rules of Use, nothing more.

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