What now, Musk?! Record labels sue Twitter for failing to pay royalties on songs

 What now, Musk?!  Record labels sue Twitter for failing to pay royalties on songs
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A group of 17 record companies have filed a lawsuit against Twitter accusing the company of allowing thousands of copyright infringements in publishing music without paying licenses.

The lawsuit was filed in a federal court in Nashville, Tennessee. According to lawyers representing the music industry, Twitter boosts user engagement “with numerous infringing copies of musical compositions”.

As this practice is being considered serious by the recording companies, they demand that the social network pays a fine of $ 250 million for violating nearly 1,700 copyrights.

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Citing as an example YouTube, Facebook and TikTok, the record companies claim that these platforms correctly pay copyright to allow their users to publish music content.

Commenting on the matter, David Israelite, president of the association of recording companies, condemned the practice of Twitter:

Twitter stands alone as the biggest social media platform that has outright refused to license the millions of songs on its service. Twitter routinely ignores repeated tampering by users who post tweets that contain unlicensed music.

The situation became even worse for the record companies when they noticed that Twitter charges a monthly fee for the Blue plan and still does not negotiate the payment of royalties.

The social network has an unfair advantage over other platforms that pay music licenses – completes the executive.

For now, Twitter’s new management has not commented on the matter, but the company has faced similar problems with Google.

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