What now, Apple?! Huawei registered “Vision Pro” trademark and may force name change on glasses

Apple Vision Pro will have virtual keyboard, eye tracking, gestures and voice commands for input
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Apple may face naming issues for its new Vision Pro mixed reality headset. That’s because the Huawei registered the trademark much earlier from the Cupertino company.

According to data collected from China’s intellectual protection agency, Huawei requested registration of the name “Vision Pro” in May 2019. That is, about four years ago, something that prevents Apple from starting a dispute over the brand as it happens here in Europe by the name iPhone.

Huawei’s patent received registration number 38242888 and this gives the company the exclusive right to exploit the name until December 31, 2031. The Huawei trademark is also used to designate an augmented reality device, virtual reality glasses, radio device and much more.

Image/Reproduction: Trademark registration was registered by Huawei before Apple.

As Apple glasses are a product that has the same characteristics as the name registered by Huawei, everything indicates that the American company you will have to use another brand for your glasses in China.

There are chances that Apple will try to negotiate with Huawei the right to use the Vision Pro name in China, but that depends on the payment of royalties.

Despite the small problem in China, Apple will be able to use the name “Vision Pro” in the global market, since Huawei’s patent is valid only in China.

That’s because the company sells products like Smart TVs and even smart glasses that use the name “Vision” on Chinese soil, something that may have prevented the trademark from being registered in other countries.

What name will Apple be able to use in China? Do you believe that the company will negotiate with Huawei? Tell us your bet and expectation here in the comments field.

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