What now, Apple?! Corrupted photos and even strangers appear in new iCloud for Windows

 What now, Apple?!  Corrupted photos and even strangers appear in new iCloud for Windows

Apple recently rolled out iCloud gallery integration in Windows 10 and 11, but apparently this has triggered a series of problems. That’s because there are reports of corrupted photos and videos, in addition to strange materials appearing in the software’s gallery.

Complaints are on the rise, with Reddit full of users frustrated with the new iCloud app. Most complaints involve photos that simply disappear from the cloud during the sync process.

In addition, there are cases where videos recorded on the iPhone 13 Pro or 14 Pro end up being corrupted in the Windows software. So, even if it is visible on the smartphone, it cannot be opened on the computer, for example.


The most worrying cases involve the appearance of photos or videos of strangers in some users’ gallery🇧🇷 When trying to view the material, most are faced with an error code.

iCloud for Windows is corrupting videos recorded from an iPhone 14 pro max resulting in black videos with scan lines. On rare occasions, he is inserting photos and videos from unknown sources, possibly from others’ iCloud accounts. iCloud has shown me photos of other people’s families that I’ve never seen in my life, football games, and other random photos. This is obviously extremely concerning and doesn’t make me feel safe using iCloud,” said one user.

It’s still not clear what is causing iCloud to cross accounts of people who don’t even know each other, but it’s scary knowing that your photos could end up in the gallery of a stranger on the other side of the country.

To make matters worse, deleting the iCloud app for Windows does not solve the problem, as everything indicates that it is happening on the server itself. So far, Apple has not commented on the matter.

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