What is the LiDAR scanner of the iPhone 12 / 13 / 14 Pro used for?

analisis iphone 14 pro teknofilo 31.jpg
analisis iphone 14 pro teknofilo 31.jpg

He lidar scanner is one of the most innovative features of the iPhone 12 /13 / 14 Pro and iPad Pro models.

It is a sensor that emits pulses of laser light to measure the distance and size of objects and the environment. Thanks to this technology, iPhone can create three-dimensional representations of reality and enhance the experience of photography and augmented reality (AR).

Let’s look at some examples of what can be done with the LIDAR scanner on the iPhone.

take better photos

The LIDAR scanner helps iPhone focus up to six times faster in low-light conditions. In addition, it improves the night portrait mode, creating a more realistic bokeh effect by better separating the subject from the background.

Portrait taken with iPhone 14 Pro

take precise measurements

The LIDAR scanner allows iPhone to accurately measure the height, width, and depth of objects and rooms.

The Measure app is built into iPhone and can be used to take quick measurements or create detailed plans. It is also possible to measure the height of people.

Play with augmented reality

LIDAR scanner makes augmented reality games more immersive and interactive.

For example, you can play minecraft earth and build virtual structures on real surfaces. Or you can play The Machines and control robots fighting on a three-dimensional battlefield. It is also possible to view the devices at Apple without having to visit a store.

redecorate the house

The LIDAR scanner allows the iPhone to visualize how furniture, paintings or plants would look like in the home before buying it.

For example, you can use the app IKEA Place to test different IKEA products in the desired space. Or you can use the Art.com app to see how your artwork would look on your walls.

Scan 3D models

The LIDAR scanner allows iPhone to create three-dimensional models of people, animals, or objects. Apps like Polycam or 3D Scanner App can be used to capture 3D images and export them to other formats or platforms.

Create VR worlds

The LIDAR scanner enables iPhone to transform reality into virtual worlds (VR). You can use apps like display.land either Canvas to scan real environments and turn them into digital spaces that can be explored with VR glasses or shared with other users.

These are just a few examples of what can be done with the iPhone LIDAR scanner. This technology opens up a world of possibilities to interact with reality in new and creative ways.

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