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What is the high performance mode for Android mobile games and how to use it

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Currently, mobile phones have evolved by leaps and bounds and it can be said that they are like a computer in the palm of your hand. They’re powerful enough to run games of all kinds, from fighting games to challenging puzzle titles and so much more. In fact, most phones now have a sleep mode. high performance for gamingbut what is it for?

As smartphones perform many tasks, more processing power is a necessity nowadays.

Android flagships have an octa-core processor and come with more RAM to offer an optimal user experience. In addition, the high performance option for games is a constant in mobiles, therefore, we will take a closer look at what this interesting option is all about.

What is High Performance Gaming Mode?

The first thing this tool does is improve the efficiency of the mobile’s CPU and GPU. This allows them to function at their best so that the game runs perfectly. There are even some extreme modes that can overclock the CPU to squeeze every last bit of performance out of it.

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There are other unique qualities of this mode that are put into practice in some mobiles. Such is the case of selecting the high-performance cores instead of the smaller ones to use 100% of the smartphone’s CPU. Another considerable contribution is that it improves the performance of the game by closing the apps that are running in the background.

In conclusion, the high-performance gaming mode does not unlock any hidden features of the phone, but rather squeezes what the phone has to the fullest. It is a perfect option for those who love to play demanding titles on mobile, such as Call of Duty: Mobile, PUGB, Apex, Fortnite, among others.

How to enable high performance?

It is a simple process if you want to do it manually.

– Go to “Settings” – “Battery” – “Advanced settings” and activate “High performance mode”. That’s all you’ll need to do to get the boost to kick in when you go to play.

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