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What is the cost per kilometer of an electric car compared to a combustion car?

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The combustion car is being left in the past due to the progressive innovation and replacement of electric cars. From Spain, the purchase of electric and hybrid vehicles is driven by the savings benefits it provides. And it is that the automotive with sustainable engines promotes energy and financial savings along with caring for the planet. In 2020, sales of electric cars grew by less than 2%, but during 2021 there is no doubt that they are starting their boom. Statistics estimate that they will be the favorite cars of the Spanish in the very near future.

Electric motorized cars are an ideal choice when purchasing a new car. The lower cost per kilometer compared to combustion cars guarantees a great advantage. On the other hand, the care they require is minimal, because they suffer fewer breakdowns or problems. That is why some companies like Verti, provide the possibility of have specific policies for electric cars, which help security and coverage to adapt to the new times.

The advantages of electric cars exceed conventional ones

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More and more people are turning to electric and hybrid cars for environmental awareness. These cars reduce harmful and harmful emissions for the planet and people’s health, so the demand for ECO vehicles has recently started to skyrocket. They are recognized for being the future of the automotive industry in Spain thanks to the fact that it has better advantages than conventional cars.

Economic savings

The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) establishes that buying an electric car is cheaper in the medium and long term than another with a combustion engine. The purchase price, taxes, cost of insurance and maintenance is lower than conventional cars, being an alternative that encourages savings.

Little investment

According to the OCU, acquiring an electric vehicle is recommended because it tends to generate 10,000 euros less than the cost of a combustion car. While the electric mid-range models represent a total cost of 56,000 euros in 11 years of use, the conventional car reaches 65,000 euros or more in the same period of time.

Accessible policies

Insurers that are committed to ecology and savings have created a variety of insurance for electric cars. Each package is tailored to the client’s needs for financial relief, security, and immediate attention. There are different levels protection at affordable prices and optimal coverage to ensure any eco-friendly car.

Lower cost per 100 km

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Unlike fuel vehicles, electric cars have a great cost-per-kilometer advantage. The main electricity companies recharge the energy between 1.90 and 6.95 euros, which means an energetic cost of a maximum of 2 euros per 100 kilometers. It is lower than the cost of fuel that goes from 5.2 euros / 100 kilometers. There is a level of savings of 4 euros per 100 kilometers, cheaper than fossil fuels.

Minimal investment in care

The best thing about electric vehicles is that maintenance is very economical when compared to the traditional fuel car. It does not usually break down or crash due to the agile functions of its mechanics, assuming a reduced consumption and care expense.

They take care of the planet

Diesel, gasoline and other fuel vehicles emit polluting and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. They harm the quality of life of the planet and human beings, in addition to producing greater economic expense due to combustion. In times of eco-innovation, electric cars don’t need fuel because they run on low-energy rechargeable batteries.

Electric car insurance is also more profitable

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The mechanics of combustion is more complex than the operation of electric cars, since they are made up of a greater number of parts that must be constantly cared for. Electric cars do not have this problem; they are made up of fewer mechanical parts. This means an advantage to save on maintenance and pay the insurance fee, since the risks of breakdowns and accidents are almost always minimal. This is how insurance is more profitable compared to conventional vehicles.

The auto insurance sector contributes to savings from affordable and lower fees for electric cars. Using electric cars regularly does not pose any risk, they can travel the city without inconvenience because they are exposed to few repairs. That is why insurance companies offer a low cost when insuring the electric car, which leads to a fairly inexpensive repair if necessary.


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