What is the best-selling smartphone in February 2023? Here it is

qual è lo smartphone più venduto a febbraio 2023? eccolo
qual è lo smartphone più venduto a febbraio 2023? eccolo

New month and new ranking of the best-selling smartphones! Discounts and new releases intertwined in February, especially top-of-the-range products. Will smartphones like the S23 Ultra be able to carve out a place in the standings? We’re here today to answer this and many other questions thanks to you and the sales data relating to purchases made by HDBlog users on Amazon.

We have no price limits or technical specifications, for all this we refer you to our buying guides. So, without getting lost in chatter, let’s start discovering the best-selling smartphones of February !



In first place of the best-selling smartphones we find a confirmation, namely the Xiaomi domain , with Redmi Note 11S in the 4G 128GB version, Redmi Note 10 Pro 128GB and 11T Pro 256GB which are positioned almost on par. Do you think that these three smartphones together make up 43% of total sales and the average purchase price remains around €190 for Note 11S, €208 for Redmi Note 10 Pro and €365 for Mi 11T Pro. the 11T Pro is the least sold of the three with 11% of the total.

Xiaomi is confirmed as the queen of the best-selling smartphones with two of the three smartphones belonging to one if not two generations ago. I remind you that Redmi Note 11S has an AMOLED display with a maximum refresh rate of 90Hz, a 108 mpx camera and 5000mAh battery . The chipset is a Mediatek Helio G96 which at this price defends itself better than the Snapdragon counterpart of Redmi Note 11.

Redmi Note 10 Pro has an AMOLED display , a Snapdragon 732G and a 5000mAh battery . Even analyzing the other minor specifications, we do not find too much difference compared to current 4G smartphones and therefore it is legitimate that at the right price on offer it is still taken into consideration by users.

Xiaomi 11T Pro is the exception, the mid-range “on steroids” performance side that at the right street price is taken by those looking for maximum performance but with autonomy and reliability typical of the mid-range. On board we find the AMOLED FHD + display with dynamic refresh rate at 120Hz , a very fast recharge at 120W which together with the Snapdragon 888 and a 5000mAh battery allow for high, very high level performance and autonomy. Even the photographic sector still defends itself wellif we think that smartphones in this price range still too often lack OIS. However, we are talking about a 2021 phone so on the update side we need to start compromising on the negative side. 


In second place, quite surprisingly, we find the Galaxy S23 Ultra with a surprising 13% of sales on the total. Considering the €1479 release price on Amazon for the 12/256 GB version and the not many new features introduced, albeit all essential and of an excellent level, it is a result that we did not expect and which confirms the wait behind the top of the range Samsung, finally with Snapdragon processor.

In fact, I remind you that the new Galaxy S23 Ultra features the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor by Samsung , a slightly overclocked version, a QHD+ AMOLED display with 1750 Nits of maximum brightness and a new 200 Megapixel main camera . Not much seems to have changed on paper but in practice even those who have switched from the s22 ultra to the new model have noticed the enormous differences under the hood thanks to the new SOC. I conclude by emphasizing that the most purchased version is the 512GB , not the 256 as one might expect.


Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra


Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra S918 5G 8GB RAM 256GB LavenderPhoneshockPhoneshock 1,049

Mobile Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S23 ULTRA 5G 6,8” 8+256GB S918 BLACK



SAMSUNG Galaxy S23 Ultra (S918) 5G Dual Sim 256GB 8GB RAM (Phantom Black) Black

Amazon MarketplaceAmazon Marketplace




Third and fourth place occupied by Samsung with the Galaxy A33 which occupied fifth place in the previous ranking and by Galaxy A53. Absolute confirmation of Samsung which remains firmly in the top5 even with its mid-range models.

The A33 5G with an average price of €215 and 10% of overall sales and the A53 5G with an average price of 315 and 9% of overall sales are excellent purchases for those who have been used to the Samsung experience for years with the One UI is looking for a well-built mid-range with overall good performance.

It should be emphasized that we are faced with the only smartphones with IP67 certification in the medium / low range in this top 10. The AMOLED FHD + displays and the main cameras stabilized with OIS for both models certainly deserve mention . Together with the selfie cam with 4K video, they complete a noteworthy photographic package that stands out compared to the other mid-range ones. Finally, the stereo audio and excellent microphones should not be overlooked.

One UI 5.1 with Android 13 is coming, by the way, so if you’re interested in trying it again, let us know in the comments below!

Samsung Galaxy A33BEST PRICE

Samsung Galaxy A53BEST PRICE



In fifth place we find a new entry that I expected to find also in the month of January: Google Pixel 6A. To date, it is probably the best mid-range under €400 to recommend with your eyes closed to those looking for a reliable, long-lasting smartphone with a top -of-the-range camera (the classic request from friends and relatives). With 7% of sales and an average price of €373, it must be considered that bundles with the Pixel Buds A “as a gift” often happen.

We remind you that the Pixel 6A has a 6.1″ FHD+ AMOLED display with a 60Hz refresh rate, a SOC based on the Google Tensor like the 6 and 6 Pro and the 12Mpx main camera with OIS taken directly from the Pixels prior to the sixth generation. mention the Type C 3.1, not obvious in this price range and finally we have a 4400mAh battery.

Google Pixel 6aBEST PRICE

Google Pixel 6a 5G 6GB RAM 128GB – Europe Warranty – CharcoalOverpricedOverpriced 309 
Smartphone Google Pixel 6a 6GB 128GB 5G Anthracite Gray DUALSIM EU Warranty

eBay  334 
Google Pixel 6a + Fitbit Sense 2 Smartwatch

Amazon  687



Pixel 7 Pro is the sixth classified and in all respects undermines the Pixel 7 that we had found in the January ranking. For him, just under 7% of sales and an average price of €630 . It’s not a given to find a 2022 flagship in this location and at this time of year, but one thing is for sure: at this price, the Pixel 7 Pro certainly costs half as much as a 2023 flagship, and in the end you’ll allows you to do the same things with the “risk” of taking home even better photos and videos.

On the software side, it will still be updated for a long time and in this year and more since the launch, the problems present at the launch have been fixed. Finally, on the camera side there has been an improvement but more software than hardware since there have been no major revolutions on the sensor side and therefore in the end, taken at the right offer, he amply deserves sixth position

Google Pixel 7 Pro €671



What is the best-selling smartphone in February 2023? Here it is | Video

Google Pixel 7 Pro 128GB ObsidianPhoneshockPhoneshock 671

Smartphone Google Pixel 7 Pro 5G 12 128GB Obsidian Black EU WARRANTY

eBay  741
Google Pixel 7 Pro + Fitbit Sense 2 Smartwatch

Amazon 1,089



Seventh place with 6% of sales on the total and €165 as the average price we find the Redmi Note 11 4G in the 4/128GB version. I have personally used this Redmi Note 11, even in the 4/64Gb version as an “emergency” smartphone throughout 2022 and I can tell you that for what you pay, the AMOLED FHD+ display is a unique value of the highest quality in this price range. On the performance side, the Snapdragon 680 defends itself well for social and non-push gaming use, with less graphically demanding titles such as Epic Seven. The 90Hz refresh rate is pleasant but struggles to take action even in situations such as media-rich Telegram channels; a widespread limit on low-end socs.The 50MP main camera offers excellent shots full of detail in daytime situations while at nightfall it struggles a lot, especially in video. The presence of the ultrawide is worth mentioning . All in all, for a price of less than €170, you get a phone that does everything , with NFC and infinite autonomy thanks to the 5000mAh and fairly fast charging at 33W. Impressive featherweight: less than 180 grams .

Redmi Notes 11 €145

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Dual Sim 4GB RAM 64GB – Graphite Gray – Europe WarrantyOverpricedOverpriced 145

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Star Blue 64GB Memory 4GB Ram Display 6.43 “Amoled 90Hz Ds



Xiaomi Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 64 4 4 bu Redmi Note 11 64 4GB Star Blue





Eighth place for the first Realme in the standings and we don’t find one of those mid-range GT Neo / Masters that we could expect, but a Realme Narzo 50A Prime with an average price of €137 and 5% of sales.

In terms of specifications, it is very similar to the Redmi Note 11 which we talked about a little above, also having a 5000mAh battery and a 6.7″ FHD+ display which however remains with IPS technology on this Realme. The main camera is also 50MP but we do not find the ultrawide of the Note 11, only two marginal sensors such as B/W and Macro.In terms of performance we have the 4/64GB version as the best seller accompanied by the Unisoc T612 CPU which defends itself well in essential use, but suffers a little more than the Snapdragon 680, especially in the gaming field.Recharge at 18W to recharge the battery of this Realme Narzo 50A which weighs less than 200g in 8.1mm thick .

Realme Narzo 50A Prime €124


Realme Narzo 50A Prime 4G Dual Sim 4GB RAM 64GB – Blue – Europe WarrantyOverpricedOverpriced 124
See offer
realme Narzo 50A Prime 4+64GB smartphone 6.6” Full HD+ Display, 50MP AI Triple Camera, 5,000mAh Battery, Powerful Unisoc T612 Processor, Flash Black, Charger not included








Ninth place for the OnePlus 11 5G , another position in the standings that was not expected considering that the brand has lost a large portion of the loyal public and the best-selling model was the 16/256GB with an exit price of €919 (but with bundle) and 4% of total sales.

Personally, I still continue to use the OnePlus 11 as a secondary smartphone and post-update it has improved even more, confirming itself as a balanced and complete smartphone with the only sacrifices of video output, wireless charging and an IP68 certification. In fact, I remind you that we find on board an AMOLED QHD + display with HDR and Dolby Vision certification, the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 assisted by an effective dissipation system that allows you to keep temperatures under control even in demanding gaming sessions, as well as a triple Hasselblad signature rear camera. The 5000mAh battery is also excellent and worth mentioningand good quality stereo sound.


 OnePlus 11


OnePlus 11 8GB/128GB BlackPhoneshockPhoneshock 714

OnePlus 11 5G Dual Sim 8GB RAM 128GB Titan Black EU Warranty



OnePlus 11 5G 8GB 128GB Evergreen EU, Buds PRO 2 Arbor Green





In tenth place we find an infinite amount of smartphones all around 2% of sales ranging from the Galaxy M Series , already seen in the rankings in the previous video, to some Motorola Edge taken at a steep discount to end up with a thousand other Xiaomi models and some Oppo / Oneplus mid-range. Among all these, however, the Galaxy S23 stands out which, after the first heavy discounts suffered and the excellent premises after having tested it thoroughly in the video review, we are convinced that we can see it much higher in the March ranking. And you? What do you think? Will he be able to do it?Let us know your personal ranking below in the comments. 

PLEASE NOTE: the sales data refer to the month of February 2023 and concern purchases made by HDblog readers on Amazon.it. However, the sample examined is large enough to represent a realistic cross-section of the online. 

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