What is the best gift in the Apple universe (Opinion)

With these dates that we are approaching, one of the most important things we have to do, apart from enjoying family and friends, is to choose the best (at least for us) gift for that special someone. If we know that Apple likes it, the decision is complicated, due to all the possibilities that exist. I am going to try to convince you why I think there are, among all of them, the perfect gift for anyone.

The best gift for me from Apple is undoubtedly the most versatile product of all of them

I do not want to reveal to you in the title of this post what is the gift that I think that regardless of the person you give it to, can be considered the perfect one. Taking into account all the products that Apple has to choose from, it is difficult to determine just one of them, but believe me when I say that the one I am going to tell you meets all the parameters.

Now, before I get into the matter, I want to make one thing clear. It is assumed that the person you are going to give away has nothing or little from Apple. Because if not, the choice is more difficult. We start from the basis that if you like Apple, the most normal thing is that you have an iPhone, so the phone is ruled out. In addition, it would be too easy to tell you that the ideal is to give away the iPhone 14 Pro Max and that’s it. But it is not like that. I don’t think the model 14 is the perfect gift, far from it.

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What you know me and often read my opinions on Fridays, you know whatI have a weakness for one of the products from the Apple universe and that will be the perfect gift that I will choose. Now, you may be surprised by the model I have chosen.

Having ruled out the iPhone, we are also going to rule out those that are a priori easy choices. We rule out the iPad and Macs. Any of the models would make a great gift, but too easy. we have to be, in addition to being generous, somewhat original. If we rule out the iPad, we rule out the Apple Pencil.

AirPods may be a good and original gift, but honestly, it is not the best product that Apple has among all its variety. So if we do the math, we only have one gift left: The AppleWatch.

The Apple Watch is the perfect gift this Christmas and for any occasion

Yes. I have a soft spot for the Apple Watch. It certainly seems to me the best product of the apple era (Saving the distances with the iPhone, of course, and of course the iPad). It is a product that has grown exponentially since the first model. A product that started as an accessory dependent on the iPhone and now we have a product that has grown and comes out on its own, without the phone company, being able to do almost anything.

Now, among all the Apple Watch models, the one that I recommend as the perfect gift for that special person who does not have everything from Apple, is not the latest model or the most expensive. Not much less. It seems to me that the best of models is the SE. It is a watch that can do almost anything and although it does not have all the functions of its older brothers, with which it does, They are enough for an average user.

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A That user is the one I mean, who has not had an Apple Watch and is not a person who wants to spend money on that type of item, but instead makes eyes at him. In addition to being a person who uses it in the basics and does not pretend that his day to day depends on the clock. For that Apple user, the Apple Watch SE is the perfect gift. For you, who gives it as a gift, it will look good and also you will not have to spend as much money as in the other models.

However. If the gift is addressed to a person that the Apple universe loves, it is likely that they already have an Apple Watch and therefore, you should break the bank because it seems to me that you will have to buy the Ultra model. That is a nice gift. In fact, I’m looking for someone to give me right now, but of course, it seems to me that that someone should be myself. Because I tell you one thing, there is no one who knows me better than myself and it is always good to give each other gifts. That we should be the first to love each other.

How about?. Do you agree?.