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What is Temu? AliExpress has a new competitor that is very serious

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In recent weeks it has been ringing loudly Temu, a new digital store that seems like a clear alternative to aliexpress. We are going to review the particularities of this new marketplace and what it offers to the consumer.

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Temu has landed in Spain after an international tour in which it has already left its mark in the United States, where it has been a success thanks to very low prices. They do not plan to stay only in our country, but they want to expand to France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Italy and France so that they can also enjoy their great bargains.

Temu’s main strengths

Temu is an online sales platform owned by PDD Holdings Incorporated, a Chinese conglomerate that also operates Pinduoduo, one of the largest social commerce platforms in China. Temu functions as an online marketplace that connects Chinese sellers directly with customers around the world, in a very similar way and aesthetic to AliExpress.

Temu has gained notoriety in a short time thanks to its low price strategy, a wide catalog of products and flash offers with quite considerable discounts. In addition, it is running a referral promotion whereby those who invite new members to the Temu family will be able to win free prizes. That’s why if you haven’t heard of Temu yet, you probably will soon. Temu also offers various games of chance with which to get discounts and coupons to convince the user to buy massively.

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Although it is registered in Boston, most of the products sold through Temu are shipped directly from China. That is why we can find similar times to AliExpress products in their standard shipping: between 7 and 15 business daysalthough 80% of shipments are completed in less than 10 days.

Temu Spain Grand Opening
Temu Spain Grand Opening

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Temu: Spain Grand Opening

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Among its catalog you will find practically everything. It goes beyond clothing, including electronics, housewares, and toys, among other categories. It has a search engine at the top, and allows you to also enter filters to find everything you need. And of course it has prices that are practically ridiculous. Not only that, but there are tons of flash deals that drive the price down even more.

In summary, although certain prices arouse suspicion, Temu is a legit and trustworthy app that offers a valuable service to its users. It is not a scam and can be used with confidence to connect with professional sellers in a wide range of fields.

Competition for AliExpress and SHEIN

Temu is a global version of Pinduoduo, founded in 2015 and which within the Asian country competes against large firms such as Alibaba. In 2020, it replaced said rival as the company with the most ecommerce clients in China and currently has more than 730 million monthly active users.

Temu app

With SHEIN it has even come to trial in the United States. As we read in Fashion Dive, Temu came up with a plan to profit from the already established Shein brand. The accusation is based on the use of several Twitter accounts created to imitate Shein’s own account, although they directed users to links to download Temu’s mobile application. Soon after, Shein amended its lawsuit to accuse Temu of generating Google ads that appeared to be for the well-known fashion store, but included links to Temu’s website. Lastly, she was also accused of starting a smear campaign against the brand using contracts with certain influencers.

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