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What is Skyline about, a Nintendo Switch emulator for Android phones

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Did you know that for a couple of years there have been attempts to create nintendo Switch emulators for android? The reality is that although many projects and works have been named, none have been able to materialize due to various issues and problems on the way.

However, there is a single project that can currently be tested on Android devices and that, despite the fact that it is still under development, is by far the best that has been seen in terms of emulators of Nintendo Switch games for Androidand this one is called Skyline.

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Skyline, in case you haven’t heard about this emulator before, it’s one with quite decent and acceptable performance, considering that it’s the only one that works on Android mobiles. To have this performance, the project has been originated based on the Ryujinx PC emulator, in addition to using a fork of yuzu’s shader compiler as a shader compiler, even having the permission and license of yuzu’s own team.

That said, it could be said that Skyline is a “legal” Switch emulator for Android, although there is still a lot of work to be done to emulate all kinds of commercial games. In fact, it is known that Skyline is focusing on being able to offer the best performance in three games: Super Mario Odyssey, Sonic Mania and Celeste.

Apart from these titles, there are several 2D videogames that can already be run at 60 FPS, stable and playable at 100%, such as the cases of I Am The Hero, Kamiko, Gunslugs II, among some others. As for 3D games, at the moment there are none that work, although it would not be surprising if this changes very soon.

How to get this Skyline emulator for your Android mobile

In case you want to try the Skyline emulator on your Android, there are basically two options to do so: you can enter the following link to go to the latest version of the APK within GitHub, or click on this link to go to the project’s official Discord and write there .rl ftx1 to be sent a link to download the APK.

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