What is phantom consumption and how to prevent it from shooting up your bill

what is phantom consumption and how to prevent it from
what is phantom consumption and how to prevent it from

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Have you ever noticed that red light that is always on on your television? You are facing a case of phantom consumption that increases your electricity bill without you noticing. From Gana Zone, we have prepared this article to help you detect the famous phantom consumption or in stand by.

Don’t worry, to reduce consumption by stand by no need to call the Ghostbusters or Iker Jiménez. As energy advisers, in Gain Energy we want to help you identify the key points to save on your bill. Therefore, we have cheap electricity and gas rates and we give you tips to help you improve your energy efficiency.

What is phantom electricity consumption

Although it is likely that you have already guessed it, the first thing you should know is what phantom consumption is or in stand by. Phantom consumption, also called vampire consumption or in stand by, is he electric cost incurred by an appliance that is not being used but that is connected to the current.

The example of consumption in stand by more common is that of television. To the turn off the television with the remote control and do not disconnect the device from the mains, there is always a lit pilot. This light indicates that the television is ready to be turned back on with the push of a button. This is very convenient, but it is also adding euros to your electricity bill.

There are other cases of consumption in stand by not so well known and less obvious. For example, that of mobile and computer chargers. Or that of the washing machine when at the end of the washing program we do not turn the wheel so that it ends completely.

Why does phantom consumption occur? It is because all devices have a transformer that adapts the voltage through two coils. When we are not using the device, but we leave it connected to the network, one of the two coils remains active, consuming electricity.

In addition to the consumption of this coil, the expenditure on stand by occurs in many appliances that have a pilot or light signal that indicates that the appliance continues to operate. For example, the blinking light on your computer or the clock on the microwave. In both cases, this indicator is also producing electricity consumption. However small is.

How much do the appliances consume in standby?

It is estimated that phantom consumption spending represents between 7 and 11% of the total electricity cost of a house in a whole year. Converting it to euros, it is calculated that it would mean between € 32 and € 58 per year. Although this will always depend on the contracted rate and the price of electricity at all times.

If we look at it in detail, each device generates a different phantom expense. According to data from the consumption calculator in stand by of the OCU, the famous TV pilot consumes between € 2.98 and € 8.94 per year depending on the technology and inches of monitor. Other devices such as a printer accumulate € 11.91, the computer € 7.45 and the microwave € 5.96 per year.

Among the amost consuming paratos in mode stand byThere are video players, satellite decoders, desktop computers and the printer. As you can see, they are all devices that you usually use very punctually. Or that at least, you do not need to be connected continuously since you are not going to use them on a recurring basis.

Regarding the mobile charger, surely you have heard a lot of things. For example It consumes the same when leaving it plugged in as while you are charging the mobile, or what when reaches 100% charge continues to consume the same electricity. In both cases, we are facing false myths. Or what they call it now fake news or hoaxes.

The reality is that the consumption of the mobile charger when it is not being used is less than 0.2W. A considerably lower figure than the 7.5W it consumes while charging the mobile. In addition, once the charge is complete and remains connected, it drops to 2W.

Many mistakenly point out the mobile charger as one of the largest phantom consumption in the home. The reality is that the figure is quite small. If we left it plugged in all day for a year, it would barely cost € 0.30. Did you expect such a low phantom consumption?

How to reduce phantom consumption

Now that you know what phantom consumption is, it is time to put into practice some tricks to avoid wasting electricity. The most obvious is unplug appliances that you are not using. As we said, it is not enough that you turn them off with the remote.

An option that will be easier for you is use terminal blocks with switches. With them, you can plug in several devices at the same time and disconnect them at the same time. That way, you won’t have to unplug your home appliances one by one.

Also, you should know that there are strips with eliminator stand by. East gadget It detects drops in consumption in the devices to disconnect them from the current. We recommend using power strips for the television and all associated players, consoles and decoders.

When choosing appliances, at Gana Energía we never tire of repeating that it is best to bet on more efficient appliances. In addition, all devices include a label indicating the consumption at rest which have.

Completely unplugging appliances can be a good option if you’re going to be away for a while. If you go on vacation, it is best to turn off all appliances. You can even consider emptying the fridge and disconnecting the electrical panel completely to reduce the phantom consumption of your home to 0 while you are away.

Finally, some appliances such as air conditioning have timers to help you reduce phantom consumption. If you use the air conditioner while you sleep, it is best to set a timer so that it turns off when you indicate it. Trust us, you don’t need to keep the air running all night.

We hope that with this article you have learned what consumption is in stand by and how to prevent your bill from shooting up. Finally, at Gana Energía we invite you to take a look at our cheap electricity and gas rates and take advantage of the exclusive discount for ADSLZone readers.