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What is orbiting and how to avoid it

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Orbiting is a term that refers to closely following or being attentive to someone’s actions or posts on social media without directly interacting with them. It can also be seen as obsessive behavior or a form of online surveillance.

It happens a lot when there is a separation in a couple, where one of the members cannot forget the other, and constantly spies on them through the networks, often without taking any offensive action.

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Let’s see how it can be avoided in both members of the couple.

I do orbiting and I can’t help it

If you can’t stop orbiting someone else, follow these tips, they might still help:

Limit your time on social media: Spend limited time checking social media and avoid checking it constantly throughout the day.

Have a clear purpose when using social media: Decide ahead of time what you want to achieve by using social media and stay focused on that goal.

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Block or turn off notifications: Turn off notifications or set your privacy preferences to limit the amount of content you see. That way you won’t be alerted if someone is posting, and you won’t feel the constant need to check it.

practice self discipline: Learn to resist the urge to constantly check someone’s posts and instead focus on other activities that you enjoy. Take a course, practice a sport… get out of your routine.

Seek professional help if necessary: If orbiting is negatively affecting your life, seek professional help to address your obsessive thoughts and behaviors.

They make me orbiting, what can I do

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If you are orbited, set your privacy preferences, limit access to your account, and hide your social media activity.

If you can’t, your profile has to be public, don’t share personal information online, avoid sharing personal information or details about your life on social media.

It is important that you do not respond to inappropriate behavior, if someone starts following you closely or makes you feel uncomfortable, do not respond and block them if necessary.

Can you report it to the police?

Orbiting itself is not illegal and therefore not something that can be reported to the police. However, if the online conduct becomes harassing or threatening, it may be a crime and if so, you should report it.

It’s important to take steps to protect your safety and privacy online, and if you feel threatened or uncomfortable by someone’s behavior on social media, seeking professional help or reporting it to the police is always the best option.

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