What is mobile Ray Tracing


For starters, the ray tracing (ray tracing) is a technology that aims to optimize lighting, shadows and reflections in video games. This is something very common to see in games with the best graphics on the market. What the RTX allows is that video games look more real, although this has a disadvantage, the FPS performance will be penalized.

Ray tracing will reach mobile phones to offer titles with better graphics, it will allow them to be more complete in this section.

Now, it is important to clarify that, despite the fact that Ray Tracing is very new in mobile phones, the first graphics cards for computers capable of running it efficiently arrived on the market in 2018, so it has already been in circulation for several years. On the other hand, the entry of scratch drawing in smartphones will go hand in hand with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset. A processor that will be compatible with this technology.

What is expected is that the layout is capable of optimizing the graphics of mobile video games. This does not mean that it will be better than Ray Tracing for computers or consoles, but rather that it will be a support tool so that the titles come out more polished in the aesthetic section.

Tracing-compatible chipsets coming out in 2023 will offer ray intercept making it possible to reflect light onto various surfaces. Qualcomm has ensured that the new Snapdragon will be able to process and improve lighting and shadows. This is key so that the games do offer a visual section that is above what has been seen so far.

Finally, many analysts believe that soon to be released mobile processors will be able to run 60 fps with HD resolution and ray tracing for more than 30 minutes. As for performance, not much is known about it. There is no information yet on what will happen to the frames in a long game session. Another point that remains to be clarified is the cooling of the mobile, since ray tracing will stress the GPU a lot.

Thus, there is much to be developed in this area. There is no real reason to rush to buy a smartphone that supports ray tracing. Also, there is still no first video game for phones that accepts this technology.

It is best to even wait for the second generation of GPUs that use Ray Tracing. Most likely, these chipsets optimize many things and are free of annoying bugs that will appear in processors that will be released in 2023.

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