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What is MIUI optimization and how to disable it to save battery life on your Xiaomi

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We are going to explain what MIUI 12 and MIUI 13 optimization is and how you can disable it. It is a process that can fix some of the problems of your Xiaomi and help you save energy. MIUI optimization has been present in Xiaomi’s ROM for years and, despite its name, it generates some bugs.

In the same way, we are going to explain how correct the small problems that can give deactivating this mode, and it is that deactivating it has both positive and negative points.

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What is MIUI optimization

Little bit

As its name suggests, MIUI optimization is the MIUI customization layer’s way of manage system resources. This affects the behavior of animations, RAM memory management, application execution times, and so on.

MIUI’s system management is somewhat questionable. If we disable its optimization, Android will be managed in a way closer to what AOSP does
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The problem with MIUI optimization is, first of all, that the system demands a lot of RAM, something that can cause lag and slowdowns in cheaper Xiaomi terminals. In the same way, it can generate conflict with some applications that are not completely compatible with MIUI, causing closures and malfunctions.

In the same way, by demanding so many resources, can increase battery consumption, so let’s see how to disable this feature to make the system move more lightly.

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How to disable MIUI optimization


To deactivate the MIUI optimization you must have the developer options active. To do this you have to perform the following steps:

  • Open your Xiaomi settings.
  • Go to ‘My Device’.
  • Click on ‘All specifications’.
  • Press 7 times on ‘MIUI version’
  • Go now to ‘Additional settings’
  • Click on ‘Developer options’
Miui optimization

Once you are inside the developer options, you can already search for ‘MIUI optimization’ and deactivate it. Your mobile will make a few blinks and, after a few seconds, you will be able to use it.

Possible problems (and solutions) after disabling MIUI optimization


The first problem that can occur is that some icons get out of place in the launcher, a minor problem that you can fix manually. This occurs due to the redrawing of the system that MIUI does after deactivating its optimization.

If the contacts do not appear in WhatsApp, do not panic, the synchronization has been deactivated

What can scare users the most is that open WhatsApp and see that you do not have added to your contacts. This happens because disabling MIUI optimization disables Google’s background sync. You just have to go to settings, ‘accounts and synchronization’ and activate it again.

With Xiaomi, each mobile is a world, so maybe disabling Xiaomi optimization will help you a lot, or it may not solve the problems of your terminal. In the event that this method does not work for you, you can always activate it again in the menu from which you deactivated it.

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