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What is MeWe, the social network that does not share personal data

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MeWe presents itself as a Social network different from current platforms and is one of the networks that have emerged as alternatives to Parler and Facebook with more force in recent months. In this sense, the main characteristic of MeWe is that it has a different business model, focused on treat the user as a person and not as a marketable data set.

MeWe allows you to configure privacy to the maximum, allowing you to choose who can see what content.

The platform was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, when a group of social media developers met and realized that modern platforms were losing much of their human sense, their democratic capacity and, above all, if they realized that the main social platforms were abusing the user, by not respecting your privacy.

MeWe is available for Android and iOS, as well as desktop browsers. It seeks to offer trust to users, giving them back control of everything they publish and focusing on privacy as the basis for its operation. In this sense, MeWe does not share personal data of the user with advertising companies, as the platform is ad-free. In addition, there is also no type of algorithm that can be manipulated by paying for advertising on the platform.

This platform seeks that the user is the protagonist at all times, sharing what they want, whenever they want. In this sense, it is the user who is responsible for designing their own level of privacy in each publication, controlling who can see each post, in order to limit toxic interactions with users you don’t trust.

Here you can share status updates, voice messages, text, images, and video. The platform has an internal chat, as well as the option to create and join groups, which can be public or private. The interface is almost identical to the old Facebook news interface, with a central area for updates, a left sidebar for platform options, and another on the right for creating posts.

This is the MeWe interface:

MeWe interface the privacy social network

These are some of the exclusive features of MeWe:


-Unique profiles: The user profile and that of the groups can be customized to the maximum, so that it represents each user.

-MyCloud: MeWe offers a personal storage space, called MyCloud, where the user can organize all their content. This functionality has an intuitive control panel that facilitates content management.

-Voice messages: The social network has voice integration, which allows the user to post voice messages, chat by voice or reply to comments with a voice note.

-Double camera: When uploading a live video, MeWe allows you to split the video in two, using the front camera of the phone to show the user, as well as the rear camera to show where they are and what they are doing.

-Improved permission management: It allows managing the permissions of each publication separately, so that the user decides who can see them. It is also possible to make yourself invisible to other users, as well as to the internal search engine.


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