What is Locket, the most downloaded app so far in 2022

locket app 1.jpg
locket app 1.jpg
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A recently created social network, Locket, has been placed in a few days in the highest positions of downloads on the App Store. The function of this new app is to share photos with friends through a widget located on the iOS home screen. In this way, Apple’s native widget system, in which news, images or weather information is usually displayed, becomes a private social network.

Locket was launched on January 1 and, since then, has already accumulated more than two million downloads worldwide.

Locket was released on January 1 and, since then, has already managed to have more than two million users. On Sunday, Locket became the app that leads the ranking of the most downloaded apps in the United States, and the day before it had reached first place as the most downloaded social network on that platform. According to data from Apptopia, a consultancy that collects data on the app market, 31% of these installations have taken place from the United States.

locket app

The app is available for download from any country and, to register, it is necessary to enter a phone number. Locket then request access to the iPhone’s contacts and camera to start working. The developers of the app are working to improve it in this regard and allow greater privacy. In this way, each user will be able to invite the contacts they deem appropriate instead of giving the app access to them.

After the contacts are added, Locket will include the app widget on the iOS home screen. From there you can see the photos that contacts upload to their Locket and send them to them, adding a personalized message through iMessage.

Locket does not allow to include effects or filters in photos or attach images from the Camera Roll. At most, it allows you to share the photos with up to five contacts.