What is Live Text and how to use it on your iPhone

live text iphone
live text iphone
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Live Text iPhone

The latest update to Apple’s operating system, iOS 15, is now available for download by users. Among the many new features included in this new version, such as Focus Mode or changes in privacy, iPhone will now have the Live Text tool. This allows, using the mobile camera, to capture the text of posters, cards and even manuscripts in photos.

Live Text allows you to photograph a surface with written words and then convert them into text that can be copied and sent via chat

In this way, by photographing a surface with written letters, they can be converted into text. This text can then be copied and pasted in other apps like iMessage, in notes or in an Instagram chat. In addition, Live Text is able to carry out an automatic translation into several languages ​​just by clicking on a word.

With Live Text you can, for example, photograph the Wi-Fi password of a router and, instead of writing it letter by letter later, copy it directly into the box. Or send a photo of the shopping list as a WhatsApp message. Here we explain how to use Live Text on your iPhone.

How to use Live Text on iOS

-Download iOS 15 and activate Live Text: The first thing, of course, is to install the latest version of Apple’s operating system on your iPhone. Once you have it downloaded you must activate Live Text.

Although the option is activated by default when you download iOS 15, check that it is activated by going to the “Settings” folder. From there enter the “Camera” section and then “Live Text”.

-Focus with the camera: Open the camera app and focus with it at a surface with written text. When you do, you will see that at the bottom of the screen, among several icons, there is one on the right that says “Live Text”. Click on it to fix the text and then underline the part of it that you want to use.

-Choose an action: Once you’ve focused and photographed the text, you can reuse it off-camera. Liv Text gives you the option to “Copy”, “Select all” or “Search”.