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What is Game Dashboard and how it works on Android

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To improve the performance of Android games and optimize their operation, you can use some external applications, but if you use the new version of the Android 13 operating system, you will find that the software already incorporates its own optimization tools, including Game Dashboard. .

Game Dashboard is a small platform that has several options that are used to improve the gaming experience on Android.

The Game Dashboard system took its first steps in Android 12, but it improves considerably in Android 13. With it, it will be easier to prevent calls and messages from interrupting the game session. In addition, it will allow you to record gameplays and prioritize battery life or performance while you are playing. Next you will know how to activate and use it.

How to enable Game Dashboard on Android

Logically, before starting the procedure, the mobile must have Android 13 so that it has the support of the game control panel.

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– Go to “Settings”.

– Click on the search icon and type “Game Dashboard”.

– You will enter the Dashboard menu, all you have to do is activate the switch. Here it is also possible to activate the floating bubble to enter the panel and enable the “Do not disturb” option so that calls and messages do not interrupt you while you play.

How to use Game Dashboard

Once activated, this will appear as a small floating bar on the right side of the panel. If you press on the bar, four options will be displayed: controller, screenshot, recording and FPS.

Likewise, you will access the full menu of the function by sliding the bar. From there you can activate each of the functions at will and change the settings of some tools, such as “FPS”. This is used to prioritize game performance or take care of battery life.

An interesting option of Dashboard is that it allows you to access your Google account so that you can transmit your gameplay directly from the mobile to YouTube Live. From the same panel you will access your profile and it will automatically offer you the alternative to connect to YouTube.

Finally, Dashboard has automatic settings, which are: Optimization (increase the graphic quality in the game), Standard (balance between a good experience and taking care of the autonomy of the mobile), Performance (increase the FPS of the game) and “Battery” ( prioritize battery life above all else).

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