What is Facebook Workplace and how does it work?

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Facebook Workplace is a communication and collaboration platform for companies developed by Meta. The objective of this tool is to promote integration in work environments, optimize communication between members of a work team and improve productivity. In short, Workplace is a version of Facebook aimed at companies, very similar to apps like Asana, Trello or Slack.

Facebook Workplace is ideal for remote work.

It should be noted that the launch of Facebook Workplace dates back to 2016. However, in times of the pandemic and with the rise of remote work, the platform became much more popular. Thus, today the number of Facebook Workplace users exceeds 7 million.

Likewise, in its desire to reach more people and facilitate communication between organizations and their frontline employees, in 2022 Meta announced important news for Facebook Workplace. For example, one of the most recent improvements to this tool has been its integration with WhatsApp. Here’s a little more about what you can do with Workplace.

Facebook Workplace

How Facebook Workplace works

The first thing you should know is that Workplace is available as an app for mobile devices and you can download it from both the Google Play Store and the App Store. In addition, this tool has a version for computers.

On the other hand, Facebook Workplace has an interface very similar to the social network owned by Meta. In fact, on this platform you create your profile, add work information and also upload a photo.

In addition to having survey tools, video calls, live streaming, and integration with tools like Office 365 or Dropbox at your disposal, you can also leave reactions and comments on Workplace just like you would on your regular Facebook account. You will be able to be in contact and have a daily relationship with co-workers, suppliers and other people with whom you have a daily relationship.

Facebook Workplaces

How much does Facebook Workplace cost?

Currently, Facebook Workplace has more than seven million users around the world and offers several plans that are focused on improving productivity in corporate environments. Companies can open an account on Facebook Workplace and purchase different plans depending on the number of users / employees who will use the service.

The first of the plans is priced at 3.33 per month per user and is designed for work teams and small organizations. The largest companies, with hundreds of employees, have a plan starting at 6.66 euros per month and its main advantage is that it provides early access to new features.

Q&A Facebook Workplace

Main features and tools of Facebook Workplace

– Library: is a section of the system that allows you to save important data and information. Thanks to this space, what you store can be shared with work colleagues so that it is accessible to everyone, they will have what they need at hand.

– Surveys: They are used to obtain precise data of a specific point that you want to know. You’re free to design the survey however you want, there are default answers or blank spaces for people to write what’s on their mind.

– Access code: To facilitate the connection to the platform, Workplace uses the sending of a unique code by means of an SMS. It will be enough to write said code in the system to enter your profile in a matter of a couple of seconds. This also works as an extra layer of security.

– Live videos: aims to generate mass messages for large work groups (such as business announcements). The best thing about this function is that with it you can generate a live question and answer space.

– News and chats: Being a Facebook system, it also works as a social network. It includes reactions to posts, a chat for quick conversations between employees, and a news feed that keeps the latest information just a click away.

– Video calls: a vital tool when it comes to a work-focused virtual ecosystem. The app has what it takes to make video calls from anywhere in the world with high-quality (HD) video resolution.

– Integration with work software: Workplace efficiency can be optimized with cloud storage services like Dropbox, Office 365, Google Drive, etc. This will make the interaction between the workers smooth because there will be no limitations.

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