What is Facebook Dating and how it works

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Facebook Dating (also called Facebook Couples) is a feature offered by the social network owned by Meta since 2019. It allows you to create a separate profile from your main Facebook account to connect with people with similar romantic interests, much like Tinder. .

Find a partner and find out who among your Facebook contacts is attracted to you.

How Facebook Dating works is very similar to many of the best dating apps that can be found today in any app store.

One of its main advantages is being able to find a partner or an affair without having to create another profile outside of Facebook in an alternative app. In addition, it has some interesting functions that we will explain below.

How to access Facebook Dating

You don’t need to download any extra software to start using Facebook Dating. Simply, you must access your Facebook profile from the web or app, and click on the menu of three horizontal lines. There you can see the Facebook Dating option, you just have to select it and start uploading your information.

Dating, Facebook app

It is important to note that your Dating profile will only be visible to other users using this feature. That is, none of your Facebook friends will receive any notification indicating that you have opened a Dating account. However, you will be visible to those contacts who have registered on this dating platform.

How Facebook Dating Works

Once you are active on Facebook Dating you will be able to personalize your profile by adding photos and indicating your preferences, as well as adding all the information you consider prudent. Likewise, you can also link your Instagram account and thus show more data about your personality and tastes.

Dating, Facebook app

In Facebook Dating, you’ll see suggested people based on your preferences, interests, and activities on Facebook. You can indicate if you like someone or if you want to move on to the next profile.

If the other person also indicates that they like you, a private conversation will be created -you will have matched- where you can chat and get to know each other better. Dating also allows you to meet other people who are part of the same Facebook groups as you or who attend events that interest you.

Another innovative function of this service is the Secret Crush, thanks to which you can design a list with the Facebook and Instagram profiles of the people you feel attracted to.

If any of those contacts also use Dating and mark you as their secret crush, then the identity of both of them will be revealed so that they can get in touch.

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