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What is battery optimization and why it is interesting to have it deactivated in the apps that need it

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The battery is one of the most notable concerns among mobile users: we know some tricks to save battery, plus we also know how to treat them better so that they last for a longer time. Nevertheless, an issue that is related to this is precisely battery optimization.

This option is found on all Android phones and It is a barrier so that the applications do not have the total freedom to apply processes in the background that make our battery suffer. Let’s see what battery optimization is and why it is advisable to disable it in some cases.

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Battery optimization makes our phone have more autonomy

Mobile Battery

Battery optimization in one more element of Google’s operating system, Android. This means that the applications that we install do not consume more battery than necessary, adapting the operation of these to achieve a balance between performance and consumption. It is the operating system itself that intelligently manages this function and it detects the type of app.

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This way, our mobile knows how to treat each application, because it analyzes what processes it maintains in the background and if you should allow it. However, you may have encountered an app suddenly closing, or a background process like music playing has stopped. Battery optimization is most likely to blame.

Why some apps require you to turn it off

Because, some applications suggest us to disable this option for them. In fact, this is the easiest way to avoid problems related to disconnections from smart watches, or delays in notifications. By default, Android usually no longer has problems with messaging apps and their notifications, but this is not the case with others. To give an example: every night, before going to sleep, I use an application that helps me fall asleep by listening to sounds of rain. Well, this same app stopped working after a few minutes and when I reopened it, it recommended deactivating battery optimization.

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This setting It is unique for each application that you have installed on your mobile, so don’t worry when deactivating it: your phone won’t go crazy and your battery will hardly notice it. When we locate the configuration, this optimization is linked to each application, so it will suffice to deactivate it in those that have requested it, or in one that is giving you a bad experience.

Contrary to what we recommend to save battery by limiting the apps we don’t need, this time we will allow them unrestricted access. Thus, those who need it will be able to stay in the background by offering us notifications on time, music without interruptions or simply have these notifications reach your bracelet or smart watch.

Battery Optimization Settings

To deactivate it we must go to Settings> Applications, and in the list of all apps, locate the one you need to configure. Next, tap on it and tap on “Battery usage”. A new screen will open in which we will see three battery settings. Activate the option “No restrictions” to prevent the system from suddenly closing this application.

Battery Optimization Apps

Definitely, With this little trick we will fix all the problems with background applications. Now you will be able to listen to music without interruptions, synchronize your wearables without worries, and solve this type of incident with some apps. Do not forget: if the application requires it, it will be for a reason.

Image | siez18 on Pixabay

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