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What is Apple Music Classical and how it works

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Apple Music Classical is the new classical music streaming platform launched by Apple. To get it going, the company has acquired the classical music company Primephonic and is using its technology to create this new streaming platform.

Classical music takes center stage, with lossless audio quality

Apple Music Classical, available from March 28, 2023, offers a specialized classical music listening experience, with features designed specifically for this musical genre. The platform allows users to browse a wide selection of classical music albums and tracks, including works by well-known and lesser-known classical composers.

Plus, Apple Music Classical offers exclusive content like expertly curated playlists and interviews with classical artists and musicians. The platform also has a section for news and updates on classical music as well as personalized recommendations based on the user’s listening history.

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Apple Musical Classical

The streaming platform also includes a smart search feature that allows users to search for classical music works by title, composer, artist, and more. Users can also filter their search by time period, instrumentation, and other criteria.

Apple Music Classical is available on iOS and Android devices, as well as on the web. Users can access the platform through a monthly subscription similar to Apple Music. Apple Music subscribers can also access Apple Music Classical at no additional cost.

In terms of quantity and quality of content, Apple Music Classical has more than 5 million tracks and users will be able to enjoy the works up to Hi-Res Lossless quality with a 192 kHz 24-bit sampling ratewith thousands of recordings available in spatial audio, which means enjoying a more immersive experience.

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Apple has stated that it has worked closely with the experts at Primephonic to create a truly unique listening experience in Apple Music Classical. The company has promised that the platform will be a “home for classical music on Apple Music” and that users will have access to “the best classical music experience available.”

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