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What is Android System Intelligence and why has it been updated on your Android

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android includes many system applications that facilitate device operation, such as Android System intelligence. This app adds smart functions to mobiles and tablets. It is hidden and running in the background, but is revealed when it needs to be updated.

Android includes a large number of services that work through an application that, like the rest, usually updated through the Google Play store. This group includes proactive functions, intelligent services that are grouped under the Android System Intelligence app. This application is hidden among the system services. Until it is updated.

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All the smart Android features bundled together

Android System Intelligence

Android System Intelligence is a system application that comes standard on most devices with Google software. It is responsible for offering contextual responses according to phone notifications, also takes care of automatic captions and smart text selection, among many other functions. It is a versatile app that does not come out until it is updated.

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You probably did not realize that you had that application until Google Play indicated that it had just been updated. Android System Intelligence works in the background and without the user noticing that it is there, that is one of its main virtues. Previously it was called “Device Personalization Services“.

Since it handles most of the smart operation on Android, it is vital that you stay up to date; hence Google took it to the Play Store, thus it does not depend on the updates of the manufacturers: It does not matter that you receive the latest Android or that your mobile remains in an old version, with Android System Intelligence you will continue to have the smart functions on your phone. It was first included in the Pixels, then Google brought it to the rest of Android.

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Android System Intelligence provides smart functions to most mobiles with Android 11 and higher

Let’s take a closer look at some of the features that Android System Intelligence offers as standard:

  • Contextual responses in notifications. If you receive a message from WhatsApp or Telegram, to give two examples, Android will offer you smart responses in the notifications so that you don’t have to write them. These responses are based on the context of the message.
  • Automatic subtitles. Live Caption allows you to interpret the phone’s audio to automatically transcribe it to text. At the moment it is only available in English.
  • Screen on while looking at yourself. Android includes in some mobiles the function of keeping the screen active while the camera detects that you are looking at it.
  • Smart clipboard. Android System Intelligence takes care of offering the last copied item just when it might be needed.
  • Automatic text selection. Have you noticed how your mobile automatically underlines the words when you select them to copy them? So does the app.
  • Application prediction. The Pixel launcher (and the Android AOSP launcher) can predict which applications you need at any given moment and offer them to you so you don’t have to search for them.
Android System Intelligence

Contextual responses proposed by Android System Intelligence

As its name indicates, Android System Intelligence adds artificial intelligence to Android’s own operation. It is an app that is updated with certain frequency, that has a weight of almost 500 MB and that is vital for your mobile, even if you did not know it existed. It improves the use of the phone and makes it much easier.

Android System Intelligence

Android System Intelligence has been updated on October 7. If you were surprised to see it on your phone now you know what it works for.

Android System Intelligence

Android System Intelligence

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Gogle
  • Download: For Android on Google Play

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