‘What if …?’, The new Marvel Studios snack for Disney +

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whatif 1000x600.jpg

2020 was an unusual year for many reasons, all derived for the same reason: the coronavirus pandemic that continues to not leave us alone. And amidst so much irregularity, an at least curious fact occurred: not a single movie of the year was released all year. Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM), something that had not happened since 2009.

Already in 2021 and with the pandemic rampant around the world, the UCM was reactivated, but not in the cinemas that made it great, but in the new video-on-demand platform of the owner of Marvel Studios, Disney +. Three series have already been published there, and all of them with an excellent reception: Scarlet Witch and Vision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier Y Loki, which still has to give its last blows.

It seems clear, however, that SARS-CoV-2 is here to stay and the sooner we adapt to the new reality – not a new normal – the better for everyone. Said and done, Marvel Studios have seen fit to resume their release schedule and the chosen one has been the only one that could be, a movie that was expected since last year. A) Yes, Black widow has just been released in theaters and on Disney +, this will be followed Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings, Eternals

… But first, exclusively for Disney + it will be released What would happen if…?, a classic from Marvel comics adapted to the small screen in an animated series format with which to fill in the gaps while the major productions arrive, but without altering in any way everything that is going to derive from the present and future plots of the UCM canon. Just like it was done in the comics, wow, where the invention worked quite well.

Those venerable What if…?, What would happen if…? If the story that we all know would have been different. But not only different in the sense of this superhero killed that one, and not the other way around, or this one was not where it should have been… Different like that and in many other ways. Or what is the same, the perfect formula to re-fry what is already fried as many times as you want and some more, without losing the interest of the most fanatics.

At least that’s how it worked What would happen if…? in the world of comics back in the eighties and nineties of the last century. How he will do it in today’s VOD world, we’ll see from next August 11, date on which the 10 episodes of the series will be released, whose launch trailer can be seen below.