What if Dynamic Island also came to iPhones without an “island”?

One of the most characteristic features of the iPhone 14 Pro series is the Dynamic Island, that gives functionality to the pill formed by the two cutouts on the screen.

While many Android smartphones feature a small screen cutout for the front-facing camera, Apple has been forced to include two cutouts on the iPhone 14 Pro to house the front camera and the Face ID facial recognition system.

However, far from wanting to hide these cutouts, Apple has stitched them together on the screen using unlit pixels to form a pill. Furthermore, he has achieved make this pill (or island) a distinctive sign of the new iPhone 14 Pro by providing them with functionality to report background activities and other events that occur on the phone.

Dynamic Island seems to be getting a good reception from users and, in fact, some Android manufacturers have already expressed interest by asking users if they would like to see similar functionality on their phones.

However, Dynamic Island is only available on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, so users of the rest of the models are left unable to use this feature.

Would it be possible to bring the Dynamic Island to the iPhone X and later without an “island” but with a notch? A designer thinks so and, to prove it, has created a short video of what Dynamic Island could look like if implemented on a notched iPhone.

The result looks pretty good, so I’m sure many users of these modals would welcome Dynamic Island-like functionality to their devices, though perhaps it should be given a different name. ideas?

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