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What hides the black market of verified accounts on Twitter

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Although initially they do not seem to have any connection, the truth is that the rise of a black market of verified Twitter accounts it is closely related to the lucrative (for some) NFT content market, which includes cryptocurrencies.

Access to verified accounts on Twitter allows those who usurp them to take advantage of the reach and influence of their holders

Since it is easier to sell NFTs if the person behind the recommendations is someone who has a notable reputation and following, over time a black market has developed in which verified accounts that have been usurped from their legitimate and true owners are sold. While the process of recovering these accounts takes place, the influence and reputation of their owners is used to launch different fraud models, or simply promotion and sale of these intangible digital assets.

Lightning campaigns to promote NFTs are usually carried out, so that sometimes, by the time the original holder manages to recover his usurped account, it is already too late and sales or promotional actions have taken place that allow those who They are behind this account hijacking. And like everything that has a value, there is a black market in which those who have managed to gain control of the verified accounts on Twitter sell them to the highest bidder.

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In a market based primarily on trust, the reputation of some personalities accredited through their verified Twitter accounts supports the value that is given to intangible digital assets that are sometimes ephemeral and in others as volatile as lucrative, as as it happens with NFTs.

One of the usual ways to gain control of verified accounts on Twitter is to send an email to its owner posing as the social network itself, warning of an unauthorized access attempt to your account, from which get the password for it, in an action similar to what happens with phishing in which cybercriminals pretend to be banks to gain access to customer accounts.

Avoiding instructions of this type, it is always advisable to carefully verify both the email address and the address of the web page to which the links received through these emails can direct, in addition to activating two-step verification for the authentication of access to platforms and social networks.

Sometimes this black market does not remain particularly hidden either and accounts are bought and sold through Telegram groups, remote forums within the Dark Web or Dark Internet are used.

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