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What happens if you use illegal WiFi channels in Spain?

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There are different WiFi channels that we can use when connecting but not all are a good option. As we have explained on occasion in ADSLZone, to understand what the channels of our wireless network are, we can summarize it as a division within each of the wireless bands in question. Depending on the frequency band in which we are connected, there are some channels or others. But there are illegal WiFi channels in Spain.

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We can imagine WiFi channels as a road. The frequency band is one road or another and the channels are the different lanes. Depends on the frequency band there are a number of channels or others. But not all of them can always be used. Not all Channels are available to us.

The standard defines that there are specific channels in each of the bands in Spain but we can modify this if we configure the router in a certain way and we would access other channels that are not legal in Spain, channels that we can generally access if we configure the router to bypass limitations and restrictions or configure it with data from another region.

Why are they illegal? In Spain, for example, in the 2.4 GHz band we have limitations and there are channels from 1 to 14 but 14 is banned in many countries or restricted… In practically all but Japan. Throughout Europe it is restricted to avoid interference in telephones that work by satellite. But it is not the only one, there are other channels that are normally limited, such as channels 12 and 13, but it depends on the country: in the United States they are illegal and in Europe and Japan the use of them is allowed.

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The same happens in other bands: there are channels that you can connect to but it is not allowed, it is illegal or it is not recommended that you do so because we can interfere with all kinds of systems that use them. It can be from telephones that work by satellite as emergency telephones to other systems such as weather radars or systems that allow electronic toll collection, for example. In that case, it is better to stick to what is strictly legal and avoid problems.

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It is not worth betting on illegal Wi-Fi channels and taking risks considering that most Wi-Fi channels are empty and there is no need to choose these options having a completely legal alternative… And it can be a problem for us. How are they detected or what can happen if we configure the router to access these channels? There are CTER stations or Technical Verification of Radioelectric Emissions that are in charge of controlling through listening points that are fixed or mobile and that allow possible pirate emissions to be detected.

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