What happens if you connect your mobile phone to the USB of your Android TV

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what happens if you connect your mobile phone to the.webp.webp.webp

In an ideal world all our devices are connected to each other and you can take the fun (and the apps) wherever you want, but reality is somewhat more complex. What you can do is connect them themselves and hopefully make them understand each other. For example, connecting an Android mobile to an Android TV with the USB cable.

Does an Android mobile get along well with a TV with Android TV? In part yes, because a cell phone can be a perfect wireless remote control, but if we talk about physical, wired connections, things change a little. This is what happens If you connect your Android mobile to your Android TV.

This happens when you connect your mobile phone to the TV via USB

Android mobile and Android TV, they should get along, right? This is how it is on Wi-Fi, since you can use your phone as a remote control and broadcast content, but wired…not so much. Even mirroring the mobile screen with a USB-OTG to HDMI cable is not common since only a small portion of Android phones allow it to be done.

The USB port of a Smart TV is quite versatile, as it can be used to power devices such as a Chromecast with Google TV to plug in pendrives or hard drives to view content, connect a webcam or various additional uses. And if we connect an Android mobile, what happens?

It only takes a couple of minutes to check it, so we have used the original cell phone cable, the USB port of the TV with Android TV (TCL brand) and our Android phone (a OnePlus). It started well, as the adjustment for choosing the type of USB connection they showed us all the options. This is the same thing that happens when you connect your phone to a PC, but not to a charger.

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Connection OptionsThe connection options are all there. But…

Of course, the effusiveness ended then, because None of the options changed anything.. At no time has mobile storage been available for TV, no matter how hard we have tried.

Neither the application to play content from USB drives nor any file explorer for Android TV (and we have tested five) has shown the mobile phone as a storage device. It is connected, but It’s like it’s not. The option to share Internet via USB has not worked either: when doing so, if we disconnected the Wi-Fi from the TV, it was left without a connection.

InsertUnfortunately the mobile phone does not appear as storage on the TV

There are many, many TVs with Android TV, so your experience may vary depending on the TV and its range, although my advice is to keep your expectations low in this regard. Connectivity between mobile phones and Android TVs It is mainly wireless, so the wired connection is residual. If it is, it is welcome, but don’t wait for it.

What you can do is use this additional port to charge your mobile in case of emergency or if you don’t have any charger or plug nearby. Charging will be standard, just like connecting the mobile phone to a PC, so it is more for emergencies than for use as a regular resource.

This is one of those cases where common sense tells us that something should work and yet it doesn’t. The data transfer connection mode should appear as external storage on the TV, just like a pen drive, and yet it does not. Google stuff.

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