What do the “secret numbers” of WhatsApp and TikTok mean?

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numeros secretos.webp.webp.webp

It is possible that in some TikTok videos or WhatsApp messages you have detected the presence of numerical groups in the middle of a text. They can also be answers or comments that consist only of a small group of numbers, usually made up of three or four figures.

The meaning of these secret numerical codes is assigned by each user or group of users.

Although they do not seem to make sense, they are actually about secret number codes that have become very popular on WhatsApp and TikTok.

They are a form of communication between the users of these apps that are often used to convey information quickly and efficiently without having to type long text messages.

They are used to transmit feelings, moods, messages of support… and, of course, and as long as the meaning of the code is known, a short phrase cannot be synthesized more than by means of three or four digits.

Secret numeric codes in WhatsApp

The most popular secret number codes used in WhatsApp include the following, with their corresponding meanings:

-143: I love you

-1437: I will Always Love You

-486: I love you very much

-637: Always love You

-7642: I will always be there for you (the famous “I’ll be there for you” from the series tune “Friends”)

Secret number codes on TikTok

These secret number codes are also used in other messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and Snapchat and can be used in TikTok as well.

On the other hand, in this latest social network, some of these secret numerical codes are often used to indicate the age of the wearer or to express sympathy or support. For example:

-303: the user is 30 years old

-525: used to express sympathy or support.

-1314: i will love you to death

-1543: I still love you

-929: Forgive me

-994: What did I do to make you leave?

-999: You promised you’d never leave

Its origin is somewhat ambiguous, but apparently it was on TikTok where the use of these codes began to become popular. It should be noted that these numbers are not part of a universal code so the meaning may vary since each group can give meaning to a specific number or combination thereof.

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