Home Tech News What can we expect from the Galaxy Unpacked Part 2 event?

    What can we expect from the Galaxy Unpacked Part 2 event?

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    1634884729 bts z flip.jpg

    Samsung’s big event ‘Galaxy Unpacked Part 2’ is just around the corner and the expectations for it are getting more and more intense. Despite the fact that most of his line was already revealed in the first Unpacked, the hope remains that some special models will come under the spotlight this time.

    The invitation extended by the company has hinted that its focus this year is that its technologies can go hand in hand with the interesting, colorful and unique experiences that its users live. Because of that, we can expect your announcements scheduled for October 20 to be full of quirks and surprises.

    Now, we will review the most popular rumors regarding the event:

    Does the S21 Fan Edition 5G?

    One of the most anticipated elements for the Galaxy Unpacked Part 2 event in 2021 is the arrival of the S21 Fan Edition (S21 FE). Despite the closeness of the event, the South Korean company has been particularly careful not to reveal too much information about it.

    Consequently, little is known for sure about the new models. From the looks of it, perhaps a range of special colors could come, but keeping its standard design. In addition, it is estimated that its price could be around $ 700 – or perhaps even a little less.

    Also, when talking about the hardware of the equipment, it is believed that it could come equipped with Snapdragon 888 processors. Additionally, they could come with up to 8 GB of RAM, and high resolution screens with 1080 MP and up to 120Hz of screen refreshment. Everything to offer a smooth, comfortable and, above all, fast user experience.

    The Galaxy Z Flip3 also seems to be around the corner

    According to the little that has been announced about the event, during the Galaxy Unpacked Part 2 it is very possible that we will see the arrival of the Samsung Z Flip3 5G. It is possible that the range will also come with a new range of colors for users to select the one that best suits their personality.

    The Galaxy Unpacked Part 2 will come hand in hand with BTS

    As if that were not enough, the way in which it has been decided to announce the existence of the Z Flip3 has made everything but go unnoticed. After all, the South Korean company has managed to collaborate again with the famous k-pop group, BTS.

    Using the music and the presence of the guys, Samsung made a short announcement recently to introduce their new Z Flip3. For this reason, it is suspected that in the future we could even see a special BTS-themed model.

    Any possible surprises for the Galaxy Unpacked Part 2?

    In fact, there are two big assumptions that have not been proven, but that have raised suspicions among fans. The first mentions that the Galaxy Unpacked Part 2 event could be the perfect platform to present the teaser that will take us to the next installment of the Note Series.

    For that reason, it is believed that on October 20 we could have the first news about the S22 Ultra. Even so, for now those suspicions are just assumptions that have not been corroborated, so we cannot be sure.

    The second theory refers to the icons of well-known applications within Samsung devices. Unlike other companies such as Apple, the South Korean giant has never held additional events to discuss its software updates.

    However, as they have appeared so deliberately in the video of the invitation, suspicions have been raised of a possible announcement about improvements in the operating system, or at least in some native apps.

    To find out, we may track Samsung advertisements through your YouTube channel and of your newsroom. Additionally, we will also be covering the event to tell you the most relevant and make sure you don’t miss a single detail.