What can we expect from Apple’s WWDC23: smart glasses and more surprises

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Very soon we will have one of the most important appointments with Apple. We are talking about WWDC23, the annual conference for developers of the Cupertino-based firm and where this year we are going to see more surprises than usual. As its name suggests, this annual conference usually focuses on showing the new version of the different operating systems of the Apple ecosystem. But, in addition to knowing iOS 17, iPadOS 17, tvOS 17 and MacOs 17, the Cupertino-based firm has many surprises ahead. For this reason, we bring you a summary of everything we can expect from Apple’s WWDC23, a conference that can mark a before and after in the technology sector for a reason: the firm will finally present its long-awaited mixed reality glasses. Apple Glass and new generation MacBook Air To begin with, although no one expected the launch of a new generation of laptops, Apple will finally present the 15-inch MacBook Air, a model that we have been hearing about for a long time but that has not yet materialized. As we have reported, it has been Ross Young, a well-known analyst specialized in everything related to Apple and who has confirmed that the company with the bitten apple has increased the production of 15-inch screens to present this model at WWDC23. And on the other hand, we have the expected mixed reality glasses from Apple. A team that will allow you to enjoy virtual and augmented reality and that wants to position itself as one of the star teams for work groups or home use. Of course, it seems that Apple is going to have things very difficult with its first generation. To begin with, within Apple there are discrepancies regarding the launch of these augmented and virtual reality glasses that could be called Apple Reality XR. Mainly because there are engineers who do not agree with the unit that Tim Cook intends to show. They consider that it is an unfinished product and that it does not innovate enough to make a difference with a previous generation. But it’s Tim Cook’s first big personal project, and the EO of the bitten apple company doesn’t want to wait any longer. In addition, it is known that this first model will be priced at $3,000, and few units of the Apple Glass will be manufactured, so it will not be a sales success, but rather a first prototype. Let’s remember that everything indicates that Apple will present three virtual reality glasses for the next generation and at more affordable prices. So, this year WWDC23 is going to give a lot to talk about. Not only will we see the new versions of Apple’s operating systems, but there will be a new generation of MacBook Air laptops, and a 15-inch diagonal will be released, in addition to its expected smart glasses. >

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