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What can Alexa do? New phrases to try in your assistant

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If last week I told you about some questions that you can ask Alexa related to the soccer world cup, now we are going with a more generic list, including one related to Christmas.

During this week the following questions have been mainly asked:

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– “Alexa, open the World Cup poll”. Vote for the team that you think will win the World Cup and find out how the voting is going.
– “Alexa, I want to meditate.” To practice meditation and relaxation with Diana with more than 97 meditations from the best teachers.
– “Alexa, how has the Spanish team been?” Alexa tells you how the Spanish team is doing in this World Cup, as we mentioned before.

These are the suggestions of the week:

– “Alexa, what time does sunrise in Barcelona?”. You can put the city you want, of course.
– “Alexa, set an alarm for weekdays.”
– “Alexa, play K-pop on Amazon Music.”
– “Alexa, activate Dial Chain”. Yes, we can listen to our favorite radio stations among more than 300 Spanish stations available.
– “Alexa, what are the pollen counts today?”
– “Alexa, what is happiness?”
– “Alexa, tell me the news of the day.”
– “Alexa, tell me a computer joke.”
– “Alexa, what are my offers?”
– “Alexa, connect to Bluetooth”.
– “Alexa, turn on do not disturb mode”.
– “Alexa, how far is it from London to Paris?”
– “Alexa, give me a recipe.”
– “Alexa, add bananas to my shopping list”.
– “Alexa, print my shopping list”.
– “Alexa, what do I have on my calendar today?”. To do this, it is necessary to link the calendar in the Alexa app from the More, Settings, Calendar section.

As you can see, the options continue to grow, so that we use Alexa for much more than just asking for music or using it as an alarm clock.

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