What are the biggest surprises that Android phones will give in 2023

What are the biggest surprises that Android phones will give in 2023

What are the biggest surprises that Android phones will give in 2023

The year 2023 has arrived and many are expecting the improvements that phones that use the Android operating system. According to the information available, there are some advances that seem clear that they will be part of the smartphones that include the software developed by Google.

Obviously, one of the things that will mark this year for the phones we are talking about will be the arrival of Android 14. But there will be news beyond this, and the different manufacturers that exist (such as Samsung or Xiaomi), will put into match new functions to make your terminals attractive compared to the rest. And, among what is expected, there are five developments that stand out above the rest in our opinion.

What’s new for Android phones in 2023

We show you the options that we believe will be standardized on phones that use the Google operating system, although as always the way to implement it will be as follows: first in high-end terminals and then gradually reaching the rest of the that integrate Android.

Better gesture navigation

This is something that, for a long time, has been demanded by users. It is true that this possibility exists in the Google operating system, but it is far from perfectly optimized (What’s more, there are not a few who discard it radically). The main thing is that the errors that cause you to go back are eliminated, since this is something that happens on a regular basis.

Starting an Android phone

One of the solutions is to implement an intermediate and quick step to preview what will be done if a gesture is performed. It has even been seen that Google is working on implementing this possibility on Android. Furthermore, it is quite necessary Gesture navigation on Android is much more fluid, both in the operating system and in applications. And this will be the case in 2023.

Desktop mode, it will become basic

Google has a lot to do with it here, which has been working on offering this to Android users for some time. To date nothing has been officially shown, but 2023 may be the year this happens. Companies like Samsung or Huawei have their own work, and the truth is that its usefulness is undeniable.

Being able to work with the computer as if it were a laptop is a fantastic solution, and the power that many phones have is more than enough so that browsers and applications do not cause any problems. If this is standardized, many they will not find it necessary to carry a laptop from one place to another and with a screen, keyboard and mouse, you would have everything you need to work.

Satellite connection on Android

Apple has given the go-ahead on this, despite not being the first company to have integrated this possibility into a smartphone. The fact is that everything indicates that most of the high-end models that will arrive in 2023, especially after the middle of the year, will offer this function. It is not something that aims to be a standard, but the function will be there and it can be perfect for those who are on the road a lot or lovers of extreme sports.

satellite flying in space

Widgets on the lock screen

This is something that has been part of Android for quite some time, but its use has not been exactly widespread. Everything indicates that the new version of Google’s development will affect take advantage of this possibility. And, therefore, it aims to be something that will be common in Android terminals.

advanced backup

Another of the demands that have been in place for a long time. It is desired that Google allow the use of its services to get a backup copy of Android properly, and in this way be able to make a change of smartphone without losing anything (and that costs less work). Betting that this will happen in 2023 is logical, and it would be a vital advance, despite the fact that it does not seem like something very striking.

This will be the main thing, in our opinion, that will reach terminals with the Android operating system. But, of course, there will be more things like that many could try imitate the Dynamic Island of the new iPhone or that an important step be taken in the use of cameras on social networks (always talking about their quality).


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