What are Google Advanced Searches and why should you use them?

Brian Adam

The Google search engine is, without a doubt, the one that has the most recognition throughout the planet, and this fact is reflected in the fact that the vast majority of people in the world they know what Google is and how it is used.

However, like many of the tools and platforms that we find on the internet (if not almost all of them), Google has several interesting functions that are not seen with the naked eye, which means that not many people know about them.


In this case we refer specifically to the advanced searches of the search engine, who simply have the purpose of help you through filters to get more accurate results.

As it sounds, advanced searches sound like a tool that can be used for any purpose, and it is not always easy to find specific information on the internet, especially because of the wide media competition that exists today.

That said, it stands to reason that as we search deeper for the information we seek, the easier it will be to find the most specific data and correct as possible. Well, to achieve it in the easiest way possible, you must access the advanced search page, so pay attention so that you learn how to do it correctly.

– Open a Google page routinely as you always have.
– Depending on some factors such as the address of your country, you will have to click on the lower right corner on Setting or in preferencesit depends on the option that is shown to you.
– When a small menu is displayed, click now on Advanced search.
– At this point, you will see on the screen a kind of form that you will have to fill out according to what you are looking for.

In this way you can access the advanced searches of the Google search engine


You will be able to configure various search parameters such as the language, the region where the information comes from, the type of files and other issues. In short, it is clear that with this type of search you can find much more information, and especially those specific data that are difficult for you to find easily. Now tell us how your experience has been, have you achieved good results in your recent searches?